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10 Common Traits of Highly Sensitive People


Do you know what being highly sensitive means? An increasing number of people are described as highly sensitive each year, but many people are confused by the term. Being highly sensitive is similar to being an introvert, but they’re not one and the same.

A highly sensitive person is a person who is extra sensitive to various stimuli – it can be anything from emotional pain to loud noises. The personality trait was first studied in the 90s and is quite common nowadays, with about 1 in every 5 people being highly sensitive. There are several tests you can take online that can help you determine if you’re too sensitive, which has its positive and negative sides.

Identified as empaths, highly sensitive people feel much more deeply than the rest of us. They process things on a deep level unlike the others and are much more intelligent as well. However, they can be hurt pretty easily and are very emotionally reactive which can have a negative effect on their mental wellbeing.

Here are some common personality traits highly sensitive people have:

They Get Easily Overwhelmed

These people are not expert multi-taskers – in fact, when they have a lot of work to do, they get easily overwhelmed and stressed, making them anxious and not so productive. If you have a highly sensitive person in your company, it’s best to keep them occupied with one job at a time. They’re not bad workers – they just need to stay calm and they will deliver.

They Find Noise Annoying

Highly sensitive people are not likely to be productive or calm in a noisy environment. They get easily annoyed by loud annoying noises than the rest of us and it definitely harms their productivity. Longer periods of this can make them too anxious and stressed, which can eventually lead to depression.

They Feel More Deeply

All highly sensitive people have one thing in common – they feel things more deeply and can be considered empaths. According to Dr. Ted Zeff, author of the book “The Highly Sensitive Person’s Survival Guide”, these people are intuitive, intelligent and very emotional, so they process every emotion unlike the rest of us. They do deep inside their soul to figure things out, which sets them apart. Unfortunately, this also means that they’re likely to be even more hurt by the opinions of others, which can set them on the road to depression.

They Can Get Very Upset by Making A Wrong Decision

No one is really comfortable when they make a bad choice, but it’s even worse for highly sensitive people. Once they make a wrong decision (which is bound to happen at some point in everyone’s life), they will dig deep down in themselves to try and find the reason for it. This can make them stressed and anxious, even resulting in depression.

They’re Often ‘Hangry’

Highly sensitive people get really angry when they’re hungry and find it hard to work in this case. In this case, it’s best to leave them alone unless you want them to take out their frustrations on you.

They Recognize the Discomfort in Others

Highly sensitive people know when others are not comfortable. They sense when other people are overwhelmed as they often are. In this case, they will do anything to soothe the discomfort.

It Takes Them Longer to Make Decisions

Highly sensitive people can’t make a decision quickly. They struggle to make the right or wrong decision even when it’s impossible to choose wrong. This occurs because they’re weighing all the possible outcomes, so they need more time. Once they learn what the right decision is, they will bring the right decisions much faster in the future.

They’re Detail Oriented

There’s no doubt that highly sensitive people pay much more attention to details than the rest of us. They will be the first person noticing your new haircut or shoes and can recognize a change in weather much quicker than the rest of us.

They’re Kind and Polite

Highly sensitive people are very kind and polite. They’re champions of integrity at work and will stay true to their words. They’re put off by rudeness and will always brush off those they find rude and impolite.

They Prefer Exercising Alone

Highly sensitive people will rather go on a solo run than play a team sport with friends. They can be alone without feeling lonely, which enables them to be much more productive and satisfied by intrinsic over external factors.

While it’s obvious that being highly sensitive increases the risk of anxiety or depression, it’s not all that bad. These people are kind, polite, meticulous and detail oriented, which makes them truly unique. Being too sensitive is not a disorder – it simply means you’re overly emotional, which can help you develop a better understanding of your needs.