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10 Ways to Tell Your Partner You Love Them (Without Saying A Word)

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In this article, we’re going to discuss about an interesting theme. Did you know that your partner can know that you feel love towards them just by doing some things and not saying anything?

Take a look at 10 of the best ways that can help you achieve this!

1. Show Them By Cooking What They Like

As we already know, having a partner who knows how to cook can be a blessing. Knowing what your partner likes to eat and drink is something that you already have in mind, so try to learn how to cook their favorite dish, even if you don’t know how! This will show them that you really care.

2. Keeping Their Clothes Clean Is Also Important

Everyone likes to have their clothes clean and tidy. Wash your partner’s clothes regularly. Iron them and fold them in the wardrobe. They will be amazed by the tidiness!

3. In Case Your Partner Works Night Shift, Leave Them A Note Before Going To Bed And Keep The Outside Light On!

Everyone likes coming to a home which isn’t dark. Turning the light outside your home will make them feel like they belong there. Leaving a note on the fridge or on the table will show them how much they mean to you.

4. Always Keep Fresh Towels For Your Partner When They Get Home

This is really important, because after a long and hard day at work, we all like coming to a warm and cozy home with tidy rooms and clean towels.

5. Try To Have A Date Night Once In A While

You can certainly do this. It doesn’t matter if you’re keeping pets or you’re with small children. You can find someone to look after them just for the night. Plan a romantic night by going out or just doing whatever you like doing. It will mean to your partner and they will certainly feel more relaxed. You will have a stronger connection for sure.

6. Discover What Their Favorite Outfit Is And Surprise Them!

Everyone has their own fantasy about a person wearing a mask, a uniform or a costume. Surprise your partner with the one they love before you two go to bed and things will get extra hot and spicy!

7. Kiss Them Or Just Hug Them When They Least Expect It

This is a small, cute sign, but it can make anyone’s day! Hugging a person or kissing them when they don’t expect it can even improve their health: decrease stress, improve your immunity, make you less depressed, decrease heart problems etc.! So why don’t you do it more often?

8. A Text Message Full Of Love Will Brighten Up Their Day

They may be too busy to call you, but they’ll surely receive your message! Try writing something to cheer your partner up and feel loved. They’ll certainly send you their answer!

9. Try Doing Things In Their Preference

If your partner is a man, you can cheer with him for the team he likes and watch its game together. If your partner is a woman, go out with her while wearing some fine shoes and a suit. You know what your partner prefers and enjoys in, so try doing that for them once in a while. They will certainly value that you tried.

10. Having A Spontaneous Communication Would Be The Best

Try having a relationship that is spontaneous. Go somewhere you like for the weekend, listening to your favorite songs, watching movies or just doing anything you like doing while you’re together. Even road trips that aren’t very close will be a good idea. You’ll always remember the moments you spent together. Whatever you do with your partner should be done with love and enjoyment. They will certainly feel loved and cared for.