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12 Things Smart People Never Tolerate


Life has many obstacles and challenges we must pass on our own before we start appreciating it fully. Life’s not easy or fair sometimes, but just because things get hard doesn’t mean we should give up. Everything gets even harder when certain people in our life are just too hard to deal with. The behavior of some people can make our life a living hell, which you should definitely not put up with.

Here are things you should never tolerate if you’re smart enough:

Talking Down to Yourself

Self-criticism is healthy, but if you’re being too negative on yourself, you will bring yourself down and make your life worse. Negativity can kill your self-esteem and put you in a very bad spot, so make sure to stay as positive as possible if you want your life to be easier.

Don’t Please Others

Your life is yours alone – you don’t need to please others or prove anything to them. You can’t bring happiness to everyone and you don’t need to bend over to make them happy. If someone doesn’t like how you live your life, that’s their own problem, not yours.

Staying Stuck

Life is hard on its own and it’s fair to say that sometimes, we’re stuck in situations there’s seemingly no way out of. However, smart people will do anything it takes to prevent themselves from getting stuck in the mud in the first place. Just make a plan in life and consider your options for every situation – this kind of approach will help you navigate through hardships easier.

Following the Herd

Smart people will never allow themselves to be another cog in the wheel. They only have ‘ears’ for themselves and follow their own decisions only, just like everyone should.

They Don’t Allow Money to Control Them

Money is crucial for our survival, but it shouldn’t control our life. Smart people work with what they have and live balanced and economically. They just won’t let money change them, no matter how high their salary is.

They Only Work Jobs They Love

Whenever smart people feel like their job doesn’t make them happy anymore, they will immediately leave it. They will even accept to work a job with a lower salary if it makes them happy because they know that a high-paying job they hate is far worse.

They Don’t Explain Themselves to Those That Don’t Listen

If you’re smart, you’ll never explain yourself to people who don’t want to listen to you. Why should you waste energy on it when they don’t care about what you say? It’s the smart thing to do.

They Care About Their Health

Caring for our health should never take a backseat. Most of us just don’t pay attention to their health, which can have catastrophic consequences. Smart people will take care of themselves, getting regular checkups and paying attention to what they eat. They know how important both things are and that their health is their biggest asset.

They Never Allow Themselves to Be Lazy

Smart people know that hard work is the key to success, which is why they are never lazy. Nowadays, we live in a highly automated society, so we have less and less work to do. The sedentary lifestyle is slowly killing us all, and although being lazy every once in a while doesn’t do a lot of harm, if it happens too often, it can be a problem.