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3 Things That Happen When You Stay Together “For The Kids”


Every year, the number of divorces happening in the USA is on the rise. Divorces are still a bit of a taboo and carry a stigma, even more, if children are involved. Many parents ‘force’ themselves to stay together just because of the children, which is wrong. Forfeiting your own happiness just for the sake of your children doesn’t have the positive impact most people think it does. In fact, it can ruin the child’s life and may be responsible for anxiety, depression, and other serious disorders.

Staying in a marriage just because the public stigmatizes divorce can cause a variety of problems for your kids.

Here are 3 things that’ll most likely happen when you stay together for the kids:


When you stay together for the kids, you’re forcing your children to pick a side. When they get older, they will blame one of their parents for their unhappiness and may even choose a scapegoat for their problems. They will even blame themselves for the family’s troubles, opening the door to anxiety and depression. The trauma of a broken home can be too much for a child’s fragile mind, so sometimes it’s better to get a divorce than stay together.

The Children Will ‘Adopt’ Your Behavior

With their behavior, parents are creating some kind of blueprint for their child they will follow later in life. Children learn how to act and treat others by looking at the behavior of their parents. They will learn a lot of things about love and relationships this way, so how you treat each other has a much more significant impact on your kids than you may think. If you want to teach some values to your children, take a look at how you treat each other and improve the behavior if needed.

Your Kids Will Live in a Warzone

Choosing to keep going for the kids means they’ll most likely be living in a ‘warzone’. Most parents think that children are immune to stress and tension, but they’re not. In fact, the tension between you two affects them a lot. Of course, a quarrel here and there and a healthy conflict may help them learn some things, but if you argue non-stop it will make your children insecure and lead to childhood trauma that can leave deep scars in their mind.

If your marriage isn’t working and you’re thinking about divorce, it may be best to do so. Don’t let your own mistakes ruin the lives of your children – you need to teach them self-respect, healthy boundaries and independence if you want them to be the best version of themselves.