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5 Painfully True Reasons Why An Empath’s Dark Side Is Extremely Heavy To Carry


Being emphatic isn’t something you can do naturally. It doesn’t come to us through our DNA. People who are empaths feel everything other people feel. It seems like there is a special bond. There are also people who have mirror-touch synesthesia.

It’s a very rare phenomenon when tactile and visual senses are combined and people have the feeling like someone or something is touching their body. They can also watch the same thing on another body.

In this article, we’re presenting you with 5 reasons that will show you the fact that every empath has a dark side which can be very difficult for people to handle.

1. Empaths Have Souls With Two Forces That Are Opposing

They have a strong sense which can feel the bad and the good in people. It’s connected in their souls and hearts. Sometimes, the good prevails, while sometimes, it’s the bad. Still, empaths are usually more sensitive to negative feelings..

2. They Become Vulnerable To All The Toxic People Out There Because They Understand That There Are Evil People

They understand how people feel. They understand their relationship which sometimes makes them burdened with too much emotions. They also understand that there are negative things which make people hurt. They will do everything they can in order to eliminate pain from people so that they aren’t hurt.

3. Every Energy Is Absorbed By Empaths Which Makes Them Tired And Even Exhausted

This is something empaths feel, but they never show it to anyone. Sometimes, their body and mind will tell them it’s wrong, but they’ll ignore every sign because they want to stop the suffering in people. This is something that grows more and more with every year, so even empaths need time to recharge.

4. Empaths Who Are In Love Will Never Be Truly Dedicated To Their Partner

This appears because of all the negativity which has been inside them for a very long time. Sometimes, their partners feel like they’re becoming very difficult to handle. That makes empaths always have a hidden part of their soul that no one would know exists. They seem like they have a wall build up so that it can protect them forever. They know that it sometimes makes them feel like they’ve got too much insider of them while they just want freedom and love.

5. Empaths Often Have Inner Conflicts Because They Feel The Good And The Bad At The Same Time

These are people who are often in the dark while they feel the good at the same time, but they’re also sad. This seems confusing, but also overwhelming. If they are more sad than they’re happy, it can make them self-destructed. They just need to understand their feelings and distinguish them, so that they could let the good energy win.


Every empath comes with a dark side that can be difficult, but also painful for them. When they are full of negative and sad emotions, their needs are often forgotten. They just have to be aware of the fact that feeling what other people feel isn’t something they have to do all the time.

They should remember that not everyone who crosses their life has to be let inside their life with all of their negativity.

If their heart has built walls to protect itself, they have to be gone because that will help them become happier and more open to their partners who will be able to understand them more.