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7 Reasons Why You Haven’t Met Your Soul Mate Yet


Loneliness is becoming more and more common nowadays. We live in an alienated society where it’s difficult to find a partner for life, but sometimes, the reason for not finding your soulmate lies solely in you. There are many things we do that ‘scare away’ our soulmates – as soon as you stop doing them, you’ll open the door to love in your life.

High Expectations

Ah, high expectations – the mother of disappointment. Men always wait for the women from their dreams, while girls dream of a prince on a white horse. Instead of having high expectations, why don’t you start working on yourself? If you’re looking for a princess, you need to be a prince as well. In short, don’t go looking for someone with specific skills unless you’re sure you possess them yourself.

You’re Still Reeling from Previous Relationships

Break-ups can be hard and may leave people unable to love ever again. Sometimes, people just can’t see the forest from the trees, meaning that their suffering from previous relationships doesn’t allow them to identify their soulmate in the sea of possibilities. Trying to prove a point to someone will get you nowhere – in fact, it will only hurt you more. Life after breaking up can be hard, but instead of obsessing over it. calm down and try to focus on what’s ahead.

Trust Issues

Mistrust and any kind of trust issues will only push people away from you, so you may end up missing your ideal partner even if he’s right next to you. It’s not anyone’s fault that you’ve been hurt before. Don’t focus on the past and don’t think that all men/women are the same – there’s someone perfect out there for you, and you’ll only see them if you open your eyes.

You Dream of People Who Are Already Taken

Dreaming of being with people who are in a happy and serious relationship (or maybe married) is a waste of time. Plus, imagine this – would you really like to be with a soulmate who’s obviously a cheater? Even worse, what if their partner is actually their soulmate? Even if you somehow end up with them, doubts will consume your soul while you’re wondering if you’re being cheated on.

You Go Too Fast

Some people rush into relationships too fast just because they think their biological clock is ticking too fast. They recognize a soulmate in every second person and run after them instantly. If you’re serious about someone, that’s great. However, don’t take things too fat. Dreaming of a life that might not even happen can scare people away and leave you alone for good.

You’re Afraid of a Serious Relationship

Some people are just too afraid of a serious relationship, which makes them miss their chance of a happy life. The routine of everyday life is embraced by some people but scares away others. This can deprive you of possibly perfect opportunities. Building walls around you just because you’re afraid of commitment and routine life is nonsensical. Find a hobby and work on yourself to get over this irrational fear quickly.

You Have a Desperate Need to be Liked

Some people live their life with a desperate need to be liked, completely forgetting all about themselves. Don’t be that person – trying to impress everyone never works and will only make you look bad. Don’t wear or do things that are uncomfortable just in order to be liked by people who probably don’t even care about you. Just be yourself and you’ll find a person who appreciates you for who you are.