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8 Old But Gold Tips From The Past To Make Your Date Much More Special And Romantic


In the past, there was courtship. It was a previously arranged thing for 2 people to get married. But, feelings weren’t included, unfortunately. People used to look for information about the social as well as financial status of the families. There was no dating.

Dating appeared in the XX century.

This  was a period when the first couples could go out anywhere they wanted to, so that people could see them and spend more time together. They were able to experience romance, love etc. before coming to a point where marriage comes next.

Many things changed in dating because of the moral principles as well as people’s behavior. Every era has its own dating rules that became more and more different.

Nowadays, it’s much more different than it was in the past, so here, we’re presenting you the 8 golden tips that date back in the past, but show that men knew how to treat their ladies and were true gentlemen!

1. It Won’t Hurt You If You Be A Cavalier

Many people have forgotten about this word or its meaning. Back in the past, it wasn’t strange for a gentleman to open doors for his lady or give her flowers without any reason. These days people just meet outside the place where they’re headed to. There isn’t any kind of romance. So, try to do something nice for your lady next time you want to show her that she’s important to you.

2. Visit A Place Where You Can Dance

These days, dancing means going out at night to a disco, but back in the past it was different. People could dance anywhere they were without any reason or music. Try doing that sometimes and you’ll see that you’ll have an unforgettable date.

3. Go On A Real Date

It’s always better to go on a proper date and not just hang out. Try to show interest for the person you’re with and if you feel like you want romance to take over, let it be!

4. You Need To Have Clear Intentions

Talking about your relationship isn’t wrong. You have to do this, so that you can have a clear start with your partner. if you need more things that will make you closer, include yourself in your partner’s interests.

5. The Cell Phone Has To Be Away.

Nowadays, many people are addicted to their phones, but this looks like you’re not interested in your partner. Try to spend more quality time with them, without your phones and use your phone only in urgent cases.

6. Sex Shouldn’t Be Rushed

Even if you go out late at night, things like being intimate with someone should never be rushed. It’s important to have several dates that will make you closer. Going straight to bed isn’t going to do that. It can come later and it will certainly be worth it.

7. You Have To Make Sure You’re On Time

In the past, it was really important for people to be on time, but nowadays, many people don’t think it’s that important and don’t value other people’s time. No one should wait for anyone. No matter if it’s cold or hot, no one should wait. In case you can’t make the date, you better set it for some other time, but don’t wait or make anyone wait for you.

8. “The sidewalk rule” Is Very Important

Back in the past, men used this rule to protect their loved one. They walked between the street and the lady.

These are all forgotten things, but there are some people who would still do them. If you try to do them more, your relationship or even your first date will leave a great romantic impact on your partner. Your connection will be more special than any other!