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9 Qualities of Empaths Which Prevent Them From Finding a Long-Term Partner


You’ve probably heard about empaths, but do you know what these people represent? Empaths are highly sensitive people – that’s as close to a scientific explanation as possible. They are extremely sensitive to everything around them and never give feelings and emotions an intellectual character. These people have a big heart and know how to listen. They’re the best support there is and will be there for you whenever you need them.

Knowing their qualities, it’s almost inconceivable to see an empath alone, yet it happens more often than not. Empaths are don’t like playing games when it comes to love. They are quite difficult to handle, so entering into a relationship with one when you aren’t ready is almost sure to spell problems. Empaths are complicated people who weigh all options before getting into a relationship with someone.

It’s quite hard for them to find a partner, and these are the main reasons why:

They Are Just Too Complicated

As highly sensitive people, empaths have powerful traits, but also possess negative sides you don’t want to see. They are just too complicated for others to understand, which is the main reason why it’s hard for them to find a loving partner.

They Are Too Devoted

Being in a relationship with an empath is definitely exciting and challenging, but also scary at the same time. When we say that empaths are highly sensitive, we aren’t overexaggerating – these people take emotions pretty seriously and expect everyone to act like them. Empaths put their heart and soul into relationships and want the same in return, which is probably asking too much.

They Are Honest

Empaths value honesty above everything else. They don’t tolerate lies, even small white lies we use frequently. If you’re lying to them, even about small things, your relationship will never be what you were hoping for.

They Know What They Want

Empaths have clearly outlined goals in life, and they’re always working toward them. Due to this, they need a partner who can provide support and lend a helping hand. If you don’t live up to their expectations, they will never be with you.

They Taking Everything Personally

As people who are extremely sensitive, empaths take everything personally and seriously. Simple problems can throw them in depression, and being unkind with them and not apologizing for your mistakes can really hurt them. This is one of the major reasons why relationships with empaths are so challenging – you can’t even joke with them.

They Want Freedom

Empaths have a free spirit and want their freedom. You can’t chip away their wings and expect everything to be OK. If you want to keep the relationship steady, you need to let them roam free.

They Never Look for Flings

Empaths hate flings – all they want is a meaningful relationship and a partner who will always be there for them. If you’re not currently looking for a serious relationship, don’t flirt with empaths.

When Empaths Love, They Love Deep

The love you can get from an empath is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. When empaths love, they love deep. If you’ve just entered a relationship with one, you can expect amazing things to happen.

They Can See Other People’s True Colors

Empaths can see right through people, easily recognizing their best and worst traits. They can spot dishonest people and liars from a mile away – it’s like a superpower we’d all like to have.

Although a relationship with an empath can be challenging, it’s definitely worth it. Empaths love deep and are truly amazing people once you get to understand how they work. Just don’t make the mistake to enter a relationship with an empath if you’re looking for a fling – they want a stable and meaningful relationship above anything else.