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9 Signs of Depression in Women to Never Ignore


Many people think that because they feel sad for a longer period of time they’re actually depressed, but this isn’t true. Depression is actually much more. It can hurt you and leave you emotionless. You’ll even feel like you’re strange towards yourself as well as other people.

Men can be depressed, but still women are known to experience it more. It can be caused by the environment, but also due to genetics and many other different things. There are numerous signs which present depression, but these are the most common ones. And remember, depression has to be treated!  

1. Decreased Amount Of Energy

People who are depressed are really exhausted. They feel like their energy is drained and they may have slept for 8 hours during the night. No matter what we do, we can’t regain that energy because it keeps being drained.

2. Having An Unhealthy Sleeping Pattern

People who are depressed usually stay in bed throughout the whole day or they don’t sleep at night. This keeps changing and only create further problems with the mind of a person who is depressed.

3. Thinking About Everything All The Time

No matter if you can or can’t control everything, you just become more and more depressed. Find a way that will help you avoid these thoughts coming into your mind.

4. Being Irritated

People who are depressed feel angry, irritated and very sad. They also become very impulsive. They have troubles to keep even the friendliest relationship a part of their lives.

5. Problems With The Eating Habits

Depression can also cause problems with someone’s eating pattern. Some people don’t have the appetite, while some eat a lot. There are people who even have both of the problems, but this is extremely out of every healthy pattern, so it has to be normalized.

6. No Interest For Anything

Even things you found very exciting can’t help you. You may have enjoyed them a lot, but ever since you’re depressed, you can’t even think about them. The passion and love you felt are now gone. This sign is especially important to be noticed in case you suspect you’re depressed.

7. Thinking About Suicide

People who have started having depression as a great part of their life are often with minds that become constantly filled with difficult thoughts. They think that there is nothing left to do, so they even start thinking about suicide a lot. Their intention might not be serious, but only thinking of that makes the situation extremely serious. Suicide isn’t a way out of anything!

8. Emptiness

People who are depressed for a long time feel like they are left with a void inside of them. No matter what or who they once loved has disappeared and every good thought is now in the past. Just remember that many problems seem very difficult when they actually aren’t.

9. You Can’t Use Your Focus

Many people who find themselves battling with depression can’t remember about the smallest details they’ve just talked about with the person next to them. They can’t focus on anything. They get distracted easily and they only think negatively. In case this is a case with you or someone you know, try to figure out some techniques that will stimulate your focus and help you think more positively! Try watching some motivational speeches or read some motivational books! They are of great help!

Having someone around you who is experiencing problems with depression isn’t as hard as it looks. You just need to do everything you can in order to accept those people and discover their problems in the best way possible. In case you think they need the help of a professional, suggest them a person! Professionals actually know what to do best!

No matter which one of the signs you or any woman you know has, help is something we all desire. If you try to understand it, recovery will appear very soon. You need to make sure you have strong will and care for yourself as much as you can. You might think that there is no solution. In time, you’ll understand that it is only a condition that can be controlled. You just have to shift your thoughts and clear your mind! Your body will follow!