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A Glorious Sight to Behold: A Rare Leatherback Sea Turtle Goes Back to The Sea!


Have you ever had the honor of seeing a giant leatherback sea turtle in its full glory? These people did. The video you can see below was filmed at an unknown location by DJ Robin Michael and later posted on Facebook. The amazing creature uses its flaps to crawl through the sand and push itself back to the sea. It’s simply majestic!

Leatherback Sea Turtle? What’s That?

For those unfamiliar with this glorious reptile, the leatherback sea turtle is the biggest sea turtle in existence. As a matter of fact, this reptile is so big that it also ranks as the 4th largest reptile, trailing only 3 crocodilians on the top of the list.

Unlike common turtles, the leatherback sea turtle has oily flesh on its back instead of a bony shell. The leatherback sea turtle can grow up to 7 feet and weight more than 200 pounds and has been roaming the Earth for about 100 million years! Unfortunately, its numbers are dwindling around the world, with the leatherback sea turtle currently classified as a vulnerable species.

This unique turtle is spread all around the world – it can be found in the Arctic circle and all tropical and subtropical regions as well. Most leatherbacks can be found in the eastern and western Pacific Oceans and the Atlantic Ocean. The gentle giants are rarely seen or caught on video as they only go out of water during nesting season, which is why Robin Michael’s video is so unique.

Source:Military Concepts