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A Study Finds Out That Anxiety May Be A Sign of High Intelligence!


All of us overthink and overanalyze stuff. Sometimes, it’s just impossible to block all the problems we’ve got going on. They can cloud our mind and judgment and make bringing even the simplest decisions hard. Additionally, overthinking will almost surely result in anxiety.

Although overthinking and too much worrying certainly won’t bring anything good to you in the long run, it’s not all that bad. According to a recent new study, anxiety triggered by excessive worrying and overanalyzing is a sign of a high intelligence.

The study found out that negative thoughts actually “lights up” certain parts of the brain, especially the medial prefrontal cortex that governs our conscious perception of danger. In non-scientific terms, it means that anxious people can sense threat faster and panic earlier as a result, while also possessing quite a vivid imagination.

Dr. Adam Perkins

From the King’s College of London where the study was conducted says that cheerful and happy people never brood about their problems, which brings them at a disadvantage when it comes to problem-solving and perception of threats.

On the other hand, many geniuses with a high IQ have been known to be much more negative and even unhappy, yet they’ve been able to solve difficult problems with ease. Who would have thought that looking on the bright side of life might have negative consequences?

The life stories of Darwin, Newton, Van Gogh, even the great John Lennon and Kurt Cobain are a perfect example of the link between neuroticism and creativity which the study outlined. As Lennon once said, “Genius is pain”, and he may have been unknowingly right from a scientific point of view.

Dr. Jeremy Coplan

From the State University of New York agrees with the study. He says that although anxiety is seen in a negative light and rightfully so, it can actually save our lives if a person knows when to act on the signals. So, as you can see, your recent feelings of anxiety may actually be the key to your survival.

Of course, high levels of anxiety occurring over a longer period definitely require medical help, but if it’s only been a brief episode, it will most likely have a positive effect on your mental health.