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An Empath And A Narcissist Can Only Be In A Toxic Relationship! Here’s Why!


We all know the narcissist kind of people. Everything is always amazing about them and they only think of their greatness.

But, did you know that deep inside them, they aren’t so great. There is something that caused a great damage inside them, probably during the period of their childhood.

On the other hand, there are also people who are empath. Whatever feeling someone has, they are the ones who absorb it. Even though they are dealing with a narcissist, they absorb their pain! Still, narcissist people don’t offer you much. They secretly want you to help them, but no one actually can.

They become manipulative and can’t be controlled when in fact, they just desire love. Empath people are the ones who want to offer love and heal other people. Every empath will bond with a person who is a narcissist once in their life. There are different types of narcissistic people and today, we’re going to present you the most common.

1. Behaving Like A Victim

Narcissists aren’t always rough. They can also show a sensitive, reserved and quite side also. They can feel like they aren’t worth everything which will mean that fear is what motivates them. They think that people can’t love them. Complexes because of inferiority are what move them.

2. Behaving Like A Superhero

These narcissists think they are the best, the most perfect people there can be. They think their brain is the greatest and they are always the most good looking. They also think and act that you can never hurt them because they are the greatest.

3. Behaving Like The Best Lover You Can Dream Of

They will usually care for you, show you love and affection until they get you. They are also ready to give you gifts, but after a while the interest will be gone. These people are often in for the money.

4. The Elite Kind

These are also in for the money. They only recognize luxury and anything that isn’t like that, isn’t interesting at all. They also like to brag and promote themselves. They often look like they’re intelligent and successful people.

5. The One With The Scheme

These usually look like their intentions for you are great, but they in fact want something in return. In case you aren’t aware of it, they are willing to ask for it and even fight!

The relationship with any kind of a narcissist is toxic. What can you do to prevent it?

No matter how hard you try and any kind of feeling you include, they will be lost eventually because narcissistic people are manipulative, but also charismatic.

You will be to blame for anything that happens.

Your Choice Is Very Simple:

One thing is to remain in that unhealthy relationship and the other to leave the narcissist.

You must understand that this kind of people can’t change. You’re only wasting time.

You need to make sure you are treated the way you think people should treat you.

You shouldn’t think that you have a responsibility to fix other people’s problems, especially the ones who don’t want help.

Narcissistic people don’t think that they are doing something wrong.

You only have to understand that no one has to be treated like a narcissist treats people.

Discover your true courage by walking away from them and be yourself!