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Autistic Boy Fails His School Exams – His Teacher Sends Him Home With a Powerful Letter That Immediately Went Viral


Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder that manifests through troubled communication and social interaction as well as restricted and repetitive behavior. It’s a disorder on the rise, with an increasing number of children affected each year. Raising an autistic child, or any child with learning troubles is much harder than raising a child without this type of disorder, although it’s just as rewarding.

Parents of children suffering from autism obsess about a number of things and have a lot more worries on their minds. Additionally, it’s much harder for autistic children to adapt to high-pressure environments, adding extra worries for the parents.

Raising an autistic child is hard and requires effort from everyone involved in the life of the child, teachers included. Ben Twist is an 11-year old English child who recently failed his SAT test. However, his mom Gail was much surprised when she saw a letter from Ben’s school in the mail after coming home one day after work.

Gail fully expected for the letter to say that Ben needs to work harder. However, the teachers from the school were much more creative. Even after failing his SAT test, Ben’s teacher said he needed support instead of criticism. The teacher, Mrs. Clarkson, recognized how smart Ben is and begged his mother not to condemn the child, but support him.

The letter brought tears to her eyes. Gail wanted to hug Mrs. Clarkson and thank her. She was amazed to find a person who finally understands her and recognizes Ben’s talents. The world definitely needs more people like Mrs. Clarkson. Autistic children must not be pushed away aside at school.

They need more support than the usual, but that doesn’t mean they’re less smart than others. They’re just as talented as anyone and need support instead of criticism. Thanks to Mrs. Clarkson, Ben has it all, and the teacher deserves the praise of the whole world.