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Childhood Abuse Can Be Treated With The Help Of Cognitive Healing!


Thinking is a very important process where we create thoughts. They are actually the basis of our cognition.

There is a practice which has recently been used a lot to help people who have passed through some kind of a childhood abuse. It is called cognitive healing and it deals with all kinds of senses, experiences and thoughts that could be attacked during a period of childhood abuse. All of the elements have to be in the same parallel with our reality.

It often appears that this therapy encounters a particular concept e.g. an anxiety condition which is composed of 2 thoughts that are incompatible and a person has them at the same time. This goes by the name of cognitive dissonance.

For instance, many people who have undergone child abuse think that they can’t believe anyone, but, when they are in the company of people known to be well trusted, they trust them and dissonance appears.

It creates a certain discomfort because the person can even try to leave their company and look for people who shouldn’t be believed.

Cognitive healing can happen indeed. The person only needs to modify all of the wrong beliefs from the past which was abusive. The present happenings should be good, happy and in a great harmony, because only that will help their beliefs to be updated.

These are some of the beliefs that a person who has undergone childhood abuse usually has:

“I am a very stupid person.”

This is one of the main doubts that these people have. It affects their intellectual abilities because while they were growing up, everyone told them that they were very stupid. Unfortunately, they think this is still true even if they’ve grown up and they can’t do anything about it.

“I am always in danger.”

Childhood abuse is a really terrible thing. The people who have undergone it  think that they are always in danger. They even try to avoid the smallest things that could cause them pain. They also find dangerous situations very difficult, because all they do is trying to discover a way that will help them survive or escape from it.

“I am not worthy.”

These people usually feel like they’re of little worth or they aren’t worthy at all. They don’t try about anything. They also think that no one will try about them.

“No one loves me.”

When someone values something, he/she loves it. You think that no one will ever love you in case you’ve grown up with the knowing that you aren’t valuable. You don’t even love yourself. When you think that no one loves you, you just surround yourself with the lack of effort, affection and attention of other people.

“I will fail in whatever I do.”

You may think that everything you do puts you at risk because you won’t succeed, but you must think that failure will not happen all the time. You need to discover things or people that motivate you. You have to believe that everything you do is worth the risk and you’ll succeed in it eventually. You must never give up the hope!

“I will always be a victim.”

People who have undergone child abuse are constantly feeling without the power to do anything. They think that everything they do is a lot stronger than them and everyone is against them even God. But, this just isn’t true. Things will fall into place eventually and everything will be OK. You just have to believe!  

You have to try to heal yourself. Rejecting negative beliefs or thoughts is very important. What happened in the past, should stay in the past, even though it is terrible such as childhood abuse. You have to see the world as positive as you can so that you could establish a positive mindset that will also be healthy. Every belief or thought will be improved and changed in time if you succeed in doing this!