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Childless Aunts Are The Most Undervalued Women In America


If you’ve had the luck of being close with your aunt, you know how caring they can be. Many aunts spend a lot of time with their nieces, buying them gifts and taking them out since they were a child.

Have you ever wondered why it’s like that?

Sometimes, it’s the aunt’s inability to conceive. By caring for her sister’s child, they are able to overcome the pain of not being able to bear children, which can be devastating for a woman and hearing things like “You’ll never know what true love is until you give birth to a child” certainly doesn’t help. Society judges and diminishes the value of women who can’t bear children, which is completely wrong and unethical.

The problem with this is that most people see motherhood as the only source of happiness in life when there are many studies that have shown how US parents are far more unhappy than non-parents in the country. Other studies have shown that aunts without children actually make the lives of families happier, including the lives of the child and the parents as well.

When parents reach their limits and get overwhelmed by parenting (and that happens a lot), aunts are there to provide support. They will offer their help with the care for the children and you can bet they’ll make their lives richer and happier.

Of course, they are secondary caregivers, but with their financial and emotional support, they can be just the type of person children need when they lack love from their parents. This means that aunts play a much bigger role in the harmony of the family, so they shouldn’t be judged on their inability to have children.

Instead, childless aunts need to be embraced as they’re the closest thing to a mother a child can have.