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Any Man Can Be A Father, It Takes Someone Special To Be A Dad


Every man is able to make a baby, but creating a human being and forming it is something really special. Not everyone can definitely do that. This is a special text dedicated to every special father!

A father isn’t only someone who will pass you his genes or only write everywhere that he is the father. He isn’t also the person who you will call your father and he will only bring money at home.

That isn’t the real father. A real father will always be there for you. He will never leave you, abandon you or make you feel unloved.

Whenever he is tired, he won’t show it. You will be proud of him all the time. He will always want to be someone you admire. He will give all his best in order to succeed.

The real father will show you that a woman needs to be treated with care and respect. You’ll know that he is a real adult. He will know when to show you how the most perfect relationships develop.

No matter which woman he meets, he will always pay respect to her and show you what it means for a woman to be loved and cherished. The real father will never use inappropriate or insulting words towards anyone. He will never try to hit anyone. His temper will never be lost. You will never be afraid of him that he will hit you or do anything similar.

Your real father will know how to show you that you can be the best person ever. You won’t see him cheat on you or your mother. He will not make sure that his children look at him like a poor example, but he will try to be the best one that they will have. His family will be treated with the utmost respect and love. He will show you what real love looks like.

He will never only brag about you to anyone. He will make sure that you truly are his most valuable possession and you will be aware of that.

The real father will know when you need to go to work or school. He will be aware of the things that are your favorites. Any problem you have will also be his and he will be glad to help you.  

Even if you have your own family, earn your own salary and you don’t live with your parents, your father will know that he is always your father and that he should always care for you.

A real father knows that it’s very important to be a really good model for his children. It will be the most important to prove his children that he will make sure that they are always happy. They will be his most important priority.

He will know that he has to earn the love of his children and not only make them go away if he gives them money. His children are the best thing a real father can have and he will be willing to do anything so that they have the best care and support in the world.