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Don’t Think Verbal Abuse Is Dangerous? Think Again!


Verbal abuse is so common in today’s society that most people consider it nothing more than child’s play. However, according to experts, verbal abuse is closely linked to anxiety and mental abuse, which means that we should take it far more seriously. According to studies, the constant stress and mental trauma triggered by verbal abuse can be very dangerous, especially for children. Many children have been found to develop depression and other mental disorders after being verbally abused when they were young, which means it’s not as harmless as most people think.

Verbal Abuse and the Link to Anxiety

Verbal abuse can come in many forms including name calling and cyberbullying. Any of its forms are harmful, with experts claiming that it can have serious consequences on a child’s mental health. In fact, many experts consider it equally dangerous as mental abuse.

Whenever someone is verbally abused, that person’s mind is seriously affected. It can lead to low self-esteem and even more dangerous things, so its effects are much more far-reaching than people think. Verbal abuse can seriously harm a person from a mental and emotional point of view which is why you need to recognize the symptoms on time before it’s too late.

Here’s how abusers behave – parents, take notes!

They Don’t Appreciate Anyone

Abusers never take other people’s feelings into consideration. They don’t consider anyone worthy of notice and by abusing them, they ruin the self-esteem of children and make them feel sad and empty.

Name Calling

Name calling is one of several forms of verbal abuse. NEVER take it for granted – if you see an abusive kid in your child’s class that often relies on name calling when talking about others, it’s something that needs to be addressed before it causes harm.

They Attack the Interests of Others

Nothing’s ever good for abusers. They will frequently attack the interests and hobbies of others and make them feel worthless. In the end, verbally abused children will be ashamed of their hobbies and will become introverts, opening the doors to anxiety and depression.                                                                           

They Don’t Want Others to Be Happy

Whenever an abuser sees someone happy, they are on a mission to ruin their happiness. They will make any happy person feel bad because they feed off misery. If you’ve noticed that someone close to your child acts this way, you need to speak to the school’s psychologist.

They Are Always Right

Abusers are always right in their own mind, even when they aren’t. They will never admit doing something wrong and consider themselves the best in everything.

They Blame Others

An abuser will always try to pin blame on others because they have no moral compass. This will make others feel worthless and seriously harm their mental health.

Inappropriate Jokes

We all want to joke with our friends sometimes, but there are certain limits no one should pass. Not for abusers, though – they will always make fun at the expense of others, even if it’s inappropriate. More often than not, they do it just to hurt others and ruin their self-esteem, which puts them in control of things.


Children or people on the receiving end of verbal abuse often feel the need to isolate themselves from society because it’s the only thing that makes them feel safe. Whenever they’re around people, they feel anxious due to the low self-confidence they suffer from. If you notice that your child is isolating itself without a reason, you need to speak to them as soon as possible.

Verbal abuse isn’t as harmless as everyone thinks. It may actually end up hurting your child in many ways, so make sure to recognize the signs on time and get professional help if needed.

Before It Gets Too Far, Watch This

There is no excuse for emotional or physical abuse.

Posted by Jay Shetty on Tuesday, June 19, 2018