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Even Though She Still Loves You, She’s Faintly Decided to Give Up Chasing After You


Aren’t mixed signals the worst? They can easily ruin a relationship, especially when the girl is seriously into the guy and does everything right. You probably have someone from your close group of friends who sent mixed signals to a girl who always texted first, who called him non-stop, complimented him, and dressed up for him.

Still, he wasn’t really aware that he could lose what probably was the best girl in his life. Although women can put up with a lot in a relationship, they will eventually lose patience and give up, and when you realize that you’ve lost her, it will already be too late.

Girls who push forward even when they see the mixed signals are seen as needy and pushy, but they’re actually just in love and expect the same thing in return. They care and refuse to let go because they’re absolutely sure things will change. They usually think that guys need more time before they settle in a relationship, but the truth is actually something else.

Women sometimes try too hard just because they think guys will eventually see they’re the one. Pursuing them seems like the right thing to do, even if they’re not getting a positive feedback.

However, every woman has a breaking point. After a while of not returning her texts or calls and not really paying attention to her, she’ll be tired and exhausted by your games and will simply quit. At this point, she will leave you and continue with her life, and you will be the one to end up disappointed.

When girls decide to stop chasing guys and just walk away from the idea of a relationship, they’re at peace with themselves. They didn’t stop loving you, but they’ve stopped pursuing you for their own good. The chase became too much to bear at one point and they couldn’t handle the emotional thrashing anymore.

She still loves you, but she’s decided not to live in agony anymore and she’s right to do so. She’ll get over you soon, but you will eventually realize that you have missed the chance of your life, and make no mistake – it’ll hurt like hell.