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Every Introvert Will Cringe at These Moments!


Introverts are considered outcasts in today’s society. It’s not justified, of course, but the needle just won’t move in the other direction. They are considered weird and awkward and it’s safe to say that the world just isn’t built for them. Introverts have a hard time ‘navigating’ society, unlike extroverts who generally have no problems.

Introverts just can’t handle certain situations in their life just as good as extroverts can. Here are some examples of moments introverts prefer to avoid:

  • Whenever invited to lunch at the office, they are forced to choose between being rude or just losing their break;
  • Introverts find it hard when their partners organize a social event at home without being asked;
  • They can have a mental breakdown when they work the hardest in the office, yet the boss always forgets their name;
  • Introverts can be great hosts, but they absolutely hate it when their guests overstay their welcome;
  • They hate it when people keep calling instead of leaving a message;
  • You know what they hate the most? Blind dates. They just can’t stand them.
  • Introverts hate it when the grade is based on group projects – it feels like their efforts are underappreciated;
  • They hate it when people show up at their door announced;
  • They hate it when they want to leave home earlier, but are stuck at a social event just because their friends don’t want to leave;
  • Introverts absolutely hate small talk and will avoid people who talk too much;
  • They hate being asked why they’re so quiet;
  • Introverts hate it when you call them instead of answering their text – if they wanted to talk, they would have called instead;
  • They hate it when a group of people wants to know a “bit about yourself”;
  • Introverts hate it when someone says they look sad when they’re only daydreaming;
  • They don’t want to keep a meaningless conversation go on for long;
  • They HATE being asked if they’re OK;
  • Introverts hate mandatory discussions at work or in classes;
  • They don’t like it when their friends are making them go on a double date;
  • These people hate it when the bathroom’s occupied and they have to wait to get inside, which invites small talk with others;
  • They really hate it when their roommate told them they’re going out and later announce they aren’t.

Been in any of these situations? Being an introvert is hard, but if you try to blend in with the crowd, you’ll see that it’s not so bad. Over time, the anxiety will pass and you’ll eventually meet great people as well. Try it out sometimes – it can do you a lot of good.