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Given Your Heart to Someone Who Didn’t Deserve It? You’re Not Stupid – You’re the Bravest Person on Earth!


This article is for all the men and women who have given their heart and soul to people who didn’t deserve it. If you’ve been beating yourself up for not seeing the breakup coming, stop doing it– you’re neither stupid nor weak. In fact, you are brave and strong to walk away from a hurtful relationship that might have destroyed your life. Many people don’t have the courage to stick their neck out and end things, choosing to stay unhappy for a lifetime instead of searching for love again.

Don’t Consider Yourself Stupid

You can love deeply and unconditionally, even in a world full of hurt. You choose to see the good in people, even in those who are genuinely evil and that’s a trait not many of us have. You’re a survivor who fights no matter the odds, and we salute you for it.

We salute you for being able to give your heart and soul to someone who didn’t deserve it. We salute you for believing in love and for investing time and energy into a relationship that was probably doomed from the beginning. You didn’t get the love you expected in return and you still fought to make things better.

Continuing A Loveless Relationship Takes A Lot Of Courage

Where many crumbled under the pressure, you’ve managed to stay on top. You stayed in the middle of the chaos when they pushed you away. You gave them chances when they clearly didn’t deserve it, and no one appreciated your efforts.

Although you might sound stupid to others, you’re anything but. The world needs fighters like you as we seem to have forgotten all about true love. That’s how true love feels like – if you really love your partner, you will fight to save the relationship and make things better even if they don’t love you that much in return.

Keeping a positive mindset in those dark times surely hasn’t been easy, but you believed in the power of love. You believe that love can transform anything, including those who aren’t able to love or give it. Deciding to leave was probably the hardest choice you had to make in life, but you had the courage to do it instead of letting the relationship consume your soul. Even though it will hurt for a while, you can sleep better knowing that you have a heart of gold.

Your willingness to move on despite the deep scars on your soul makes you an inspiration to us all. Forgiveness takes a lot of courage and leaving a person you loved so much isn’t easy, yet you did it. You’re a brave person with a heart of gold, and we salute you.