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Heartache Makes Us Do These 7 Things!


Our life is filled with ups and downs. Good and bad periods that we learn how to embrace in order to survive. A great part of our lives and probably one of the most important is love. Love is what gives us the power to do everything easily. It motivates us and makes us feel amazing. But, what happens when a love story has to end?

Heartache takes over and we become disappointed. This is always something that affects us deeply and makes our lives much different than before. Everything we ever believed in is now different. Dark thoughts fulfil every single day of ours. It can literally transform us and we become a person that doesn’t even resemble the one before.

The pain and suffering we feel can become too great that they take over us and over every single aspect of our lives. Our thoughts and actions become different.

These are some of the actions we start showing because of our suffering in love:  

1. Feeling Romantic Is Something Very Distant

Romantic gestures and feelings become a thing that is thought to be untrue. We think that everything another person does for us, is done for the wrong purposes. We can’t believe anyone anymore. All we do is just behaving cold towards everyone and use different ways to defend ourselves from everything, even feeling happy.

2. Believing In People Is Lost, Even In The Closest Ones

Everything we did for other people was somehow gambled. That’s why, we start losing the belief and trust we have in other people, pretty much everyone around us. Even the closest people can’t get close enough because we won’t let them to. We just feel that it is the right thing to do so that we could feel safe.

3. New Friends Appear In Our Lives, But Unfortunately, They Aren’t Real

While we’re hurt and we’re suffering, we do many wrong things that can end up being bad for us. That means we often surround ourselves with people who can be bad company. We just aren’t able to realize that it’s wrong and we can end up suffering even more.

4. Everyone We Meet Ends Up Hurt In Some Way

Our suffering makes us closed to other partners. We just don’t want to let anyone close, so we start doing anything we can just to get them out of our lives. They end up hurt without ever realizing what they did wrong. They maybe aren’t even aware that the fault is ours.

5. Bad Feelings Overcome Our Days

We start thinking that nothing good can ever happen to us. We’re surrounded by negative thoughts and bad feelings. We don’t even try to do anything to avoid them, so we learn how to let them be a part of our everyday life. All we feel is sorrow and sadness.

6. Every Person In Our Life Is With Us Because Of Something  

What we’ve been gone through has made us some sort of terrible people who can’t believe anyone. No one near us seems good enough so that we can believe them and let them closer. We become cruel towards them because we think they are cruel towards us.

7. No Matter What We Did And How We Felt, It’s Really Important Not To Give Up!

Even though we think that a great part of our lives has been spent feeling bad, unloved and betrayed, we must never forget that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Everything will turn up being good. We just have to repeat that all over again and we’ll start believing it.