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Here Are 6 Ways That Can Help Turn Off Negative Thinking


Too many people are negative thinkers nowadays. Negative thinking is a toxic habit which can ruin your life and has nothing to do with you. These toxic thoughts don’t define who you are. They won’t determine your future as well, as only we determine the influence of each negative thought.

Sometimes, however, we allow toxic thoughts to enter our life too deep, which will always have a negative outcome. As the great Buddha once said, there’s no enemy worse than unguarded thoughts.

What did the wise man think with the term unguarded thoughts? Well, toxic and negative thoughts have a tendency to stick around, in which case they can only be expelled with cognitive restructuring. According to Dr. Alice Boyes, this is a part of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy which can help you deal with many psychological problems.

And, no, it won’t take expensive treatments so you can turn off negative thinking.

We’re going to show you 5 simple ways that can help you defeat negative thinking and being back positivity in your life.  

Observe the Toxic Thoughts

Negative thoughts usually come as a result of irrational thinking. Watch them like a spectator and don’t let them take over your mind and they will vanish. Just watch the negative thoughts go downstream and you’ll eventually banish them from your mind, giving way to positive thoughts.

Rethink Brooding Questions

Questions you’re brooding over usually develop into obsessive thoughts. Thinking more about the problem won’t help you solve it. Brooding is essentially pointless – you will never be able to solve any problem before getting rid of the mess you’ve created in your head. Sometimes, you will eventually realize that it wasn’t a problem at all – it was only an obstacle you created in your head.

Avoid Doing Things That Trigger Negative Thoughts

If you really want to get rid of toxic thoughts once and for all, you need to avoid doing things that trigger them. It can be anything from a commercial on TV to the presence of certain people. Figure out what’s triggering your negative thoughts and you will be able to prevent them. Of course, you should also replace them with pleasant thoughts if you want a healthy mind.

Assess the Evidence

Another great way of reframing your thoughts is to assess the evidence in order to find a solution to your problems. Make two columns – A and B. In the first column, write down the thing that’s bugging you and in the second write down objective evidence on the contrary.

For example, if you wrote down that you never have enough money, ask yourself if that’s really true. Why is it like that? What’s your next course of action? This will eventually help you come to a solution and banish the negative thoughts.

Practice Mindfulness

Practicing mindfulness is a great way of eliminating negative thoughts. Whenever you’re down because of a problem, stop, breathe deep, think about the toxic thoughts and focus on looking for solutions. Stay calm and optimistic and you’ll be able to destroy the toxic thoughts and keep positive thoughts.

Remember – No One Is Perfect

We all make mistakes – there’s not one person on Earth who is perfect. Mistakes shouldn’t keep you down. Instead, look at them as a learning experience and move forward. No matter how much you brood, things aren’t going to change. Just focus on the good in your life and you’ll prevent toxic thoughts from poisoning your mind.

Negative thoughts are usually short-lived unless we make it otherwise. They can hurt us in many ways, and you need to remember that they are as powerful as you allow them to be. They pick up steam when we turn them on and turning them off is a pretty hard challenge. However, if you set your mind to it, it can be done. We’re all responsible for our thoughts, so don’t let them destroy your mental wellbeing.