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Here Are the Modern Habits That Are Destroying Our Mental Health


There are many sociologists and psychologists that blame modern life for our declining mental health. Although we live in times where everything’s on our fingertips and technology makes our lives easier, mental health problems are on the rise year by year.

There are many conveniences of modern life – we have air conditioning, big screen TVs, the internet, and machines that do all the work for us. We don’t even have to work too much anymore, yet we’re more and more unhappy and confused.

The modern life is harming our wellbeing, just because the easiness of life doesn’t make things better. We need more sunshine, air, natural food, more exercise, and more time spent in nature. Unfortunately, our busy schedule doesn’t allow most of these things and our health is suffering as a result.

Here are several modern habits that are harming our mental health:

We Buy Stuff We Don’t Really Need

Thanks to advertising and the need to have the newest stuff, we’re buying things we don’t need now more than ever. Studies have shown that this doesn’t bring happiness, however. Accumulating stuff we don’t need actually stresses us more and opens the door for anxiety and depression. Spending money on buying experiences, however, has been known to bring happiness.

We Rarely Move Anymore

The number of serious disorders is on the rise – we have easier access to healthcare services nowadays, yet our health is declining. Heart disease, diabetes, and cancer are increasingly more common among the young population and we can blame it on modern life.

In the past, when people didn’t have access to machines, they worked to get food, water, and shelter. They were one with nature and got the exercise they needed by moving around all day long. Nowadays, we live in cities where we must take the car to get groceries and we spend our lives stuck in uncomfortable chairs in our offices.

We’re less and less active and it’s harming our physical and mental health. This is why the need for exercise is so important – exercise releases endorphins which can boost our mood and prevent anxiety and depression.

We Don’t Sleep Enough

Lack of sleep has been identified as one of the key triggers for anxiety and depression. We need more sleep if we are to function better, although modern life doesn’t leave us much time to do it. The lack of exercise, the constant stress, the poor diet and the overuse of technology are all destroying our sleep, and it’s taking a toll on our mental health.

We Don’t Really Spend Time in Nature Anymore

Modern society needs nature to survive now more than ever, yet we consciously build shelters from it. It doesn’t really make any sense, as the lack of sunlight leaves us vitamin D sufficient and harms our immune system and mood. Many studies have shown that a simple walk in the park can reduce our stress levels and calm us down, so we really should start spending more time in nature.

As you can see, modern life certainly doesn’t paint a picture of perfect health. In order to stay healthy, we need more air, sunshine, and generally more time in nature. We need to sleep more, get more exercise, and stop using technology so much. Do this, and you’ll be happier, healthier, and live longer.