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Here Are the Most Unique Traits Empaths Possess


Whenever people hear the word empath, they immediately think of some kind of power. The word is used a lot lately, but rarely anyone truly knows what an empath is. Fortunately, you can recognize empaths by closely observing their behavior.

Here are some unique traits only empaths possess:

They Always Seek the Truth

Empaths are painfully honest and will never lie. They hate to be lied to as well and are always looking for the truth no matter what.

They Are Strong on the Inside

Empaths have deep inner strength – they’ve learned from every tough experience in their life and have learned how to move on. They may seem frail on the outside, but they are far stronger than the rest of us within.

They Understand How Others Feel

An empath’s feelings and emotions are significantly amplified than the rest of us. They can feel it when you’re sad or hurt and will offer their support if you need it.

They Know When You’re Lying

Never ever lie to an empath! These people know when they’re being lied to and hate it. You just can’t cross them – lying to them will only break the relationship you have.

They Don’t Like Crowded Places

Empaths are a bit isolated and introverts, so they don’t like being in crowded places. The inability to absorb all the emotions around them makes them anxious, so they prefer staying home alone than going out.

They Are Sensitive to Energies

Empaths can sense the energies around them and are very sensitive to them as well. If there are bad vibes around them, they will affect their mood, and the same goes for positive vibes.

They Are Creative

The empathetic mind is always on, working 24/7 and shuffling ideas. This helps their brains develop quickly, which results in better creativity.

They Focus on One Thing at a Time

Empaths are not great at multi-tasking – it occupies their racing mind too much. They like to take things slow and do them one at a time – this helps them focus and finish the job properly.

They Are Great Listeners

If you need someone to listen, and we mean really listen to you, your empath friend is your best bet. These people can listen to yap about your problems for hours and will offer sincere advice in the end.

They Don’t React to Being Hurt in a Good Way

When hurt, an empath will crumble to pieces as they take everything by heart.

They Use Their Intuition. A Lot.

Empaths always believe their gut feeling and bring decisions based solely on it. Their intuition is highly amplified and their emotions resonate at a different frequency than others.

They Can’t Handle Negativity

Negativity is a real mood killer for empaths. It drags them down in the mud, which is why you won’t see them hanging out with negative people at all.