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Here Are the Reasons Why People with A High IQ Are Not So Social


Let’s face the truth – we all like to be a hermit sometimes, living on a deserted planet without any contact from the outside just like Luke Skywalker did in The Last Jedi. If you make that decision, there’s no doubt that you’ll be branded a ‘weirdo’. However, you’re neither anti-social or strange – according to experts, this is a trait only geniuses possess!

A recent NCBI study has shown that highly intelligent people prefer spending time alone and aren’t that fond of social interaction like others. There’s actually nothing wrong with this – some people can’t imagine their life not being in a crowd, but others want nothing more than to live without any visitors. As a matter of fact, geniuses who live by this rule find it very satisfying and even energizing, as it allows them to, well, invent things.

Norman Li and Satoshi Kanazawa, the leaders of this intriguing study, found that this strategy works for highly intelligent people. After researching the matter deeply, they found that people are more satisfied with their life when they move away from cities. Additionally, people were happier when their social contacts only included family members and loved ones, and no strangers and acquaintances. Of all the participants, every group was happy to have more frequent social interactions except for one – those with a high IQ.

The study was dissected in a recent Washington Post article, where author Carol Graham agreed with the view and said it’s “no surprise at all”, as geniuses always have longer-term objectives in their mind which require no obstructions. So, if your nerd friend says he has better things to do than hanging out, they’re probably working on something.

The findings of the study are in line with the so-called Savannah theory, which proposes that we find happiness in things our ancestors liked. In a savannah where population density would have been pretty low, our ancestors would have relied on less frequent interpersonal interaction for survival. The new study supports this theory in the fact that geniuses may be evolving past the need for frequent human connections.

Their mind is focused on intellectual solutions which have the goal of improving the world, so they aren’t just wasting time doing nothing. We need less interaction nowadays as it’s a distraction from the real problems and people with a high IQ have obviously found a way to do it.

So, if you’re not exactly thrilled by the idea of hitting the club with friends for the weekend, don’t be sorry or feel weird about it – just remember that you may be a genius.