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Here’s How Self-Discipline Sparks Motivation


How many times have you come to work without being able to find motivation within you to even turn on the computer, not to mention work? There’s not a person on Earth who hasn’t experience a lack of motivation. Motivation can be described as a fire within us which allows us to get results. In theory, it’s a magical thing, but in practice, it’s something else.

Motivation assumes that we need to be in a certain mindset in order to get to work. It’s not a reliable thing – when we’re not motivated enough, we don’t even try to work. Coffee, a mentor or simply watching motivational videos may help, but it’s not a long-term solution. Lighting the motivation spark within you takes a lot of work and sometimes, it can’t be reignited at all.

In most cases, however, it can be revived. The answer lies in something most of us hate – discipline. Discipline makes us rely on work and willpower instead of feeling and is a thing we can control, unlike motivation. It’s not the most popular answer to the question “How to reignite motivation?”, but it’s rewarding and will help you get things done.

When we finish a project we weren’t motivated to work on, we feel a great sense of accomplishment and self-respect. We’re proud of the work we’ve done and it puts us in a motivated state before relying on discipline. As Abraham Heschel once said, our sense of dignity will grow only when we learn to say no to ourselves.

Thanks to this shift in mindset, we’ll avoid procrastinating and focus on hard work instead. Because at the end of the day, no matter how much we love our work, there are many tasks that are too boring. Take paperwork for example – no one wants to finish it. Sometimes, we just can’t seem to buckle down and finish boring tasks due to lack of motivation. It’s not necessarily bad, of course – as a matter of fact, we need to embrace it to feel self-respect and gain a sense of freedom.

Waiting for motivation to come by is a lost cause. Choose discipline, however, and we have the power to create anything in our own hands. Somewhere along the way, motivation should reemerge as well.

Some people are talented enough to create motivation out of thin air. Trying to create it artificially comes with a number of negatives. Lying is one technique people use to light up the fire within them. They lie to themselves that tasks such as paperwork relax them – if true, that’s great, but in most cases, this is a plain lie. The fact that repetitive tasks are boring and kill our motivation remains unchanged and is often the reason why people hate their job.

On the other hand, learning how to be disciplined will help you finish a task even if you don’t like it. Every time you finish a boring and repetitive task, your sense of discipline will get stronger and stronger, eventually becoming a habit. Whenever your colleagues ask what keeps your going, you can smile and know that you’ve become a master of discipline. Hard work and discipline are not easy, but they provide a sense of satisfaction motivation can’t bring on its own.