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Here’s How to Defeat a Narcissist and Get on With Your Life


Narcissists have been rightfully associated with machines hellbent on hurting everyone around them – they’re not unlike the legendary T1000 from Terminator fame. If you’ve ever met one, you know how dangerous they are. These people think about no one but themselves and will do anything it takes to realize their selfish agendas. If a narcissist makes you their target, you can be sure you’ll enter a world of pain and suffering.

Because that’s just who they are – unlike others, these people don’t want to change. When they pick someone from the crowd, they will attack them day by day to extreme lengths until they gain complete control over them. Even worse, getting rid of a narcissist isn’t really easy. These people can stay in your head for long after they finally leave you alone – that’s how destructive they can be.

If you’re persistent, however, and go step by step, you can get rid of narcissists before they do the damage.

Here’s how:

They Want Control More Than Anything

It’s all about control with narcissists – they want to establish dominance over others because it gives them the power to control their actions. If you’re in a relationship with one, you can be sure everything you’re doing is scripted. Many people aren’t even aware of it until it’s too late and the damage has already been done.

If you do realize what’s happening on time, though, you can defeat them. Not doing anything by their ‘book’ will seriously enrage narcissists. They will try to retain control over you using every weapon at their disposal, but if you’re ready to leave them behind, you can do it.  They will keep trying, though, so you can expect frequent attacks. Narcissists simply can’t stand not being in control. If you learn how to cut it off, you will leave them weak, and that’s your cue to leave.

Don’t Make Them Feel Good

Narcissists lack self-esteem and can’t calm themselves as normal people do. Narcissists have no way of producing positive feelings for themselves, so they seek victims who will do it for them. They will flip out over petty stuff and will then use their false self. In this case, they need a ‘stream’ of positive thoughts just so they can feel good about themselves.

Don’t give them that pleasure – just ignore their false self and don’t make them feel good about themselves if you want to really get rid of them.

Don’t Admire Them

Narcissists thrive on admiration – in a way, they’re not unlike psychopaths. They crave any type of attention they can get and will do anything to get it. Those who get cut off admiration or validation will start to wither after a while. For them, validation is a link to reality and without it, they aren’t able to live.

Without admiration, they have no tools to fight the hatred they feel for themselves and the world. They could defeat it if they knew how to calm their mind, but they’re just not capable of doing it. Narcissists are emotionally underdeveloped, so stop admiring them and you’ll see them self-destruct.

Following these tips will finally help you break free from the dangerous claws of a narcissist. Just be consistent and hellbent on cutting them off and you’ll finally be able to live your own life.