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Here’s How to Kill the Bad Vibes and Instantly Lighten Up


Have you’ve ever been in a situation to bite someone’s head off when they ask you a simple question? This is a sure sign that you’re under stress and can ruin yours and the day of those around you. You can turn things around, though – there are many things you can do to eliminate the bad mood in only a few minutes and instantly lighten up.

Although it’s not that easy as putting a smile on your face, experts have confirmed that even faking a smile can instantly lift your mood.

Here are some other ways that can help you get out of the negative mood:

Get a Protein Snack

Hunger is one of the major reasons for feeling bad. Sometimes, we’re just too stressed out to eat and it can bring us to a bad place. Luckily, all you need to do is get a protein snack. Drink a glass of almond milk or eat a bar of dark chocolate – anything with magnesium should easily turn things around. You can also go for a piece of fruit. Some people have sweet cravings when they’re not feeling great, but according to studies, those who stuff themselves with chocolate when being in a bad mood have a higher risk of depression.


Focusing on certain acupressure points on your body will repel the negative thoughts and make you more positive. Just read some articles online about tapping acupressure points that can lift your mood and ‘kill’ the negative vibe.

Go for a Walk

Yes, something as simple as going for a short walk outside can help you get out of the negative mood and keep you positive. According to a study conducted by the University of Essex, a short walk might actually be far more efficient at killing bad mood than any other therapies. Exercising was also mentioned as a good choice and worked better than CBT programs or antidepressants. According to experts, the so-called ‘green walk’ when you’re in a negative mood is one of the preferred options eliminate the negative energy surrounding you.


Aromatherapy has been used to improve our well-being in different ways – it can reduce stress, help us recover after injuries, and also wash away any negative vibes. There have been many studies conducted on the effects of aromatherapy, and a recent Austrian one confirmed that using lavender and orange essential oils can indeed reduce anxiety and improve mood in patients awaiting dental procedures. If essential oils can help us weather the storm before such a process, they have a plus in our book.

Self Pep-Talk

Whenever you’re down, a simple pep-talk in front of the mirror can actually do wonders! Sometimes, the bad voices in our head are responsible for feeling negative and rejected, but they can be countered and defeated with a motivating solo speech. Try it – you have nothing to lose. Just focus on the positives in your life and you’ll get out of the bad mood in only a few minutes.