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Here’s How to Learn if Someone’s Jealous of You


Jealousy is almost unavoidable these days. Every day, we see people who are jealous of our social status, finances or simply the life we have. Jealousy is most often caused by love and manifests through worry, fear, and anxiety. Although most people try to mask it, pure jealousy can’t be hidden – it will come up to the surface sooner or later.

If you’re suspecting that someone’s jealous of you, these signs will confirm it:

They Try to Undermine Your Success

People who are jealous of you are insecure in their abilities because they’re just not as successful as you. Because of this, they will always try to undermine your success and convince others that what you did isn’t that big of a deal. This is one of the major signs of jealousy and the easiest way to tell if someone’s jealous of you.

False Compliments

One of the major red flags when it comes to jealousy are false compliments. Two-faced people who are jealous of you will always take a pause before complimenting your efforts and they simply can’t mask the envy. If someone close to you does this, you can be sure they’re jealous of you.

They Cross Legs

Surprisingly, science has found out that one of the reasons for crossing legs is jealousy. So, if you’re speaking to a friend about something you’ve done and they listen to you with their legs crossed, there’s a chance they might be jealous of your success.

They Boast About Their Own Accomplishments

When a jealous person accomplishes something, they will make sure the whole wide world knows it. Of course, there’s nothing wrong about speaking of your accomplishments, but if someone close to you brags about doing something great all the time, they are possibly envious of other people’s achievements and are trying to prove that their success is worth more.

They Are Happy When You Fail

Sometimes you win, sometimes you fail – such is the nature of life. There’s nothing bad in failing sometimes – it could even teach you important lessons. Whenever you fail, there’s also a great chance that you’ll find out who’s jealous of you. Jealous people will be pleased you’ve failed and will even laugh at your failures, although not to your face. You don’t need these people in your life, so just distance yourselves from them.

They Copy Your Work

According to psychologists, copying may be a sign of flattery, but it’s also a sign of jealousy. Those jealous of you will try to copy your style and the way you work and talk. It may be flattering in the beginning, but it’ll become annoying sooner rather than later. If this is the case, you can’t do much besides block it out.

They’ll Try to Spoil Your Plans

Whenever you’re planning to do something, be careful who you share your plans with. You can recognize jealous people by paying attention to what they say to your plans. If, for example, they always undermine your plans and never talk encourage you do realize them, there’s a big chance they’re jealous of you.

They Will Dish the Dirt on You

Studies have shown that people who gossip often suffer from high levels of anxiety and aggression and are generally unhappy. Gossiping is a way of proving their worth to others and a way of feeling superior. Those envious of you will try to ruin your achievements and reputation by spreading lies behind your back – once you recognize these people, make sure you stay as far away from them as possible.