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Here’s How to Recognize a True Friend


The great Aristotle once said that his best friend is the man who wishes him well for his sake. Not many people remember Aristotle’s words nowadays because the value of true friends is seriously diminished. We may have a lot of friends, but how many of them can you really call close? There are different kinds of friendships, with acquaintances on one side and true friends on the other.

Many people are confused what the criteria for best friends are. Should you respect each other’s opinions and feelings? Should you be close without crossing boundaries? Can you tease each other about intimate details? It’s all of that and something in between as well. According to Heidi McBain, a licensed marriage and family therapist and well-known author, best friends display different types of attitudes unlike any acquiesces.

Here are 7 types of attitudes you can only see in your best friends:

You Can Be Yourself When You’re Together

If you can be yourself with some of your friends, you can be sure they’re your true friends. Real friends will never force you to put on a mask – they accept you as you are and will never be afraid to tell you unpleasant truths. You can share everything with them without being afraid of revealing any of your shortcomings. They will never judge you and will be there for you when you need them.

They Support You

A real friend will always support you on your way to reaching your dreams and goals. They will be your most keen and vocal supporter. They will encourage you to follow their dreams and will never stand in your way. Life can be tough sometimes, but it gets so much better when you have a supporter on your side who’s going to push you out of the dark.

You’re Interested in the Same Things

Best friends usually share interests, opinions, and beliefs. It’s just easier to connect with these people as your ideas and personalities are very similar. In this way, you’ll feel united and closer to these friends than the others.

Reciprocity Is an Important Part of Your Friendships

As you probably already know, reciprocity is a big and important part of any relationship. Some people are takers, while others are givers, but your best friends should be a bit of both. They should have the right balance of giving and taking in order to keep your relationship steady. If someone from your group of friends is taking much more than he’s giving, he’s not your real friend.

They’re Always There for You

True friends will always be there for you in good and bad. They will listen to you when you talk and come to your house even if you call them overnight. They will share your burdens and help you overcome any kind of obstacle that stands in the way of your goals. True friends will do that and more for you without asking for anything in return.

They Want the Best for You

As we already said, true friends are your cheerleaders. They will help you stay focused when you doubt yourself and have only your best interests in mind without expecting anything in return.

They Listen

A good friend is someone who can sit with you all night long while you’re bleeding your heart out. True friends are people you can share your problems with without judging you or seeming bored by your problems. They will listen to you for as long as you want to talk and give you sound advice you should follow.