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Here’s How to Recognize a True Gentleman


Although men are not so gallant like before, true gentlemen still exist. They are a rarity though, so finding one isn’t as simple as some may think. Not all men are gentlemen, no matter how much they try. A true gentleman will live and die by a courteous code no matter the situation.

Gentlemen are a dying breed, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. As a matter of fact, you can recognize them by paying attention to a few signs. By learning these signs, you will be able to tell if a man is a true gentleman or he’s only looking for a one-night stand.

Here are 10 signs that you’ve found yourself a gentleman:

He Doesn’t Eat Until Everyone’s Served

A gentleman will not even look at his food until the whole table is served. He won’t get nervous about it – his good manners will not allow him to start eating while others are waiting for their order.

He Speaks the Truth

Gentlemen never lie – it’s just in their blood. Their sense of integrity is bigger than their ego, which doesn’t allow them to tell lies.

He Keeps His Word

A gentleman will always keep his word. If he made a promise, you can be sure he’ll fulfill it. These men always make good on their promises, no matter how unbelievable they sound.

He’ll Protect Others

Gentlemen will never allow others to be abused, either physically or verbally. They will stand between the offender and victim and offer their help, as they can’t stand seeing someone humiliated.

He Listens

A true gallant gentleman will hear every word you say. These men will listen to you when you need to get something off your chest and will never wander off while you’re talking. If your man is like this, congratulations – you’ve found your knight on a white horse.

He Is Always on Time

Being always on time is one of the major signs of a gentleman. They will never be late as they have too much respect for the schedule of others.

He Offers His Arm, Seat or Jacket

Everyone knows that gentlemen offer their arm, seat or jacket in situations when it’s required. If your new boyfriend acts like this, you can be sure he has good manners.

He Holds the Door for You

True gentlemen are patient and attentive. Whenever they see someone near the door, they will hold it back and never slam it in another person’s face.

He Always Gets the Check

The good manners of a true gentleman will never allow him to let you pay the check. He will always get it first, but if you insist on splitting, he will respect your wish.

He Says “Thank You” and “Please”

You can easily notice gentleman by their politeness – they will excuse themselves when leaving a table or when they make a mistake and say “Please” when they ask for something.

Don’t believe everything you read or hear – true chivalry isn’t dead. If you find a gentleman in your life, do everything you can to keep him – they are as rare as a unicorn.