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Here’s How to Recognize an Abusive and Toxic Partner


Relationships are all about taking and giving love. Sometimes, we may love our partner to the moon and back, but it’s obvious that they just don’t feel that way. This can be quite hard on anyone’s psyche – instead of getting respect and love, you’re getting toxic behavior that slowly gnaws on your mind and soul. Over time, this kind of toxicity can ruin us mentally and may actually have serious consequences on our mental health.

Remember, abuse isn’t just a physical thing. It comes in many shapes and sizes. Mental abuse from partners is often ignored as people are afraid of losing their loved ones, which is unfortunate, as they end up losing their own mind in the end. If you suspect that your partner acts aggressively and is toxic to you, you can confirm it by recognizing these 8 signs:

They Abuse Your Personal Space

We all need some personal space, and invading it is not an option. If you’ve noticed that your partner is abusing your personal space, you can be sure they’re toxic for your mental health. Calling to ask if you’ve arrived home safely is OK, but if it happens too often or it escalates with surprise visits at work (or home), it may be a sign of a toxic person.

This kind of behavior will lead to more serious problems over time if you let it, so if you’ve noticed that your partner does this, you shouldn’t let it slide.

They Dictate What You Should or Shouldn’t Do

Our partner is our soulmate and best friend, and that’s great. We expect them to be supportive and lend a helping hand, but they shouldn’t end up controlling your life. If your partner manages and controls every aspect of your life, you can be sure they’re abusing you. In this case, you should confront them about it or simply end things if there’s no resolution on the horizon.

They Limit Your Contact with Others

Everyone has their own life and friends. Just because you have a partner now doesn’t mean you should forget about your friends. If your partner tries to limit your contacts with your friends or family, it is definitely a sign of abusive and toxic behavior.

They Demean You

If your partner demeans you often and makes you doubt yourself, you’re better off without him (or her). This is a perfect sign of abusive behavior and something that should be addressed sooner rather than later.

They Don’t Respect You

Relationships are all about mutual respect. If your partner doesn’t respect your wishes and often tests your patience, you should end it all before things take an ugly turn.

They Insult You

An insulting partner is a textbook example of an abusive partner. It may sound like silly jabs to you, but if your partner does this often and in front of your closest friends (or family), it’s a sign that they’re toxic and abusive.

They Are Incredibly Jealous

A little jealous won’t hurt anyone and may actually be beneficial for the relationship. However, if your partner is jealous of a lot of things and often acts violently about it, you can be sure he’s abusive and toxic. Too much jealousy is seriously disrespectful and insulting and you shouldn’t put up with it.

They Never Want to Apologize

In a healthy relationship, whenever you or your partner make some kind of mistake, an apology should follow. If your partner doesn’t feel the need to apologize about anything, they’re toxic and abusive. In their mind, you don’t deserve apologies, which means that you’ll be far better off without them.

As you can see, toxic partners can be easily spotted. If you’ve noticed any (or all) of these signs in your partner’s behavior, you should talk to them and try to iron things out. If it doesn’t work, we’re sorry to say it, but the relationship has run its course. It’s much better to end things now than suffer later.