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Here’s How to Shut Rude People Up


We all have a few love/hate relationships with people we see every day. Take bosses for example – they can be sweet one second and real monsters in another. This leads to the said love/hate relationships that are quite complicated and even painful.

In today’s society, people don’t really think about what they say. They can ask questions that are hurtful and flare your tempers. This can have disastrous results, as we have the right to defend ourselves when offended. No one should be prevented from speaking their mind, but you should also know that there is a way to deal with rude people without actually turning into a monster.

Now, comebacks for dealing with rude people don’t cross our mind that often, especially when it comes to people we depend on or love. However, the list below will help you find your footing after being dealt a blow below your belt without sounding rude yourself.

I Appreciate the Thought

This phrase will not only shut a rude person up, but it will also show them that you plan on talking at a more intelligent level, not fall down to their own. Whenever someone wants to bring you down, you shouldn’t let them, but please do it in a polite manner. This phrase can help and the rude person may actually end up appreciating you more in the future.

Thank You

Whenever someone’s rude to you, a simple “Thank you” can do wonders. It will show the rude person that you’re not affected and make them feel immature. It means that you fully acknowledge that person’s rudeness, but you’re not letting it get to you. It will instantly shut them up and let them know that they’ve picked the wrong person to humiliate.

That Almost Hurt Me

Sarcasm is a great repellent for rude people. If you learn not to fall for their negative bulls***, you’ll see them back off. In this way, you will get rid of them forever as they’ll realize you’re just not affected by it.

This Conversation Is Over

Hey, if they’re rude to you, why not be rude back? Well, not as rude as them – a bit politeness should be enough to kill them off. Choose the high road and stop the conversation with this phrase – it should be enough to make them realize you aren’t interested in their negative remarks.

You’re Right

Although confirming what a rude person just said to you doesn’t look like something you’d want to do, it’s actually very effective. By telling them they’re right, you’ll eventually cut the conversation short, so the rude person should back off. Of course, it’s not a satisfying technique, but hey, who cares if it gets them off your back?

I Love Myself and You Too

Love can defeat anything, so a rude person isn’t a match for it at all. Of course, telling a rude person that you love yourself and them as well might not work for your boss – you’ll get the best results off it when you use it on people from your close surroundings. Kindness will always prevail over negativity and telling a rude person that you love them will instantly confuse them and cut their nastiness in two. Love prevails all, and this phrase is the perfect response for a rude person.

You’re Always Negative, Aren’t You?

Telling a rude person they’re always negative will make them think twice about their choice of conversation. With this phrase, you will make rude people reconsider what they say in the future and draw attention to their words. It will make them realize that they’re toxic to the environment and hopefully make them a better person.


Laughing is the best way to beat negativity.  It will also catch rude people off guard and make them ashamed. For everyone else, it will send a powerful message that rude comments don’t and shouldn’t affect anyone’s life.