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Here’s How to Tell the Difference Between People with True Integrity and Those Faking It


Integrity can be described as having strict moral principles and being kind and honest. People with integrity are usually very trustworthy and we definitely need more of them in today’s society. Although some consider them weird, they are actually pretty honest and kind on and a perfect role model to follow.

Many people fake having integrity, but this is easy to notice. There are many differences between a person with real integrity and a person that’s faking it.

You only need to pay attention to the following 7 signs:

They Put Their Own Needs Above the Needs of Others

People with true integrity will never put their own needs before the needs of others. Finding someone who’s focusing on the greater good instead of himself can be pretty hard nowadays, but it is possible. People with integrity don’t do this for recognition – it’s simply who they are. Fakers, on the other hand, can be recognized when you realize they’re putting their needs first.

They Run from Taking Responsibility for Their Actions

Not taking responsibility for their actions is a major sign of dishonest people and integrity fakers. People with integrity will never run away from taking responsibility for their actions, no matter how negative they are. They will always stick to this principle, even if it ruins their life.

They Never Offer Help to Others

Integrity fakers will never offer help to people they need – they only think about themselves. People with integrity, on the other hand, will offer help to friends or family in need and do so without thinking twice. No matter the problem, they will always lend a helping hand.

They Don’t Show Respect

A person with real integrity will show respect to anyone – they think that all people deserve to be treated with respect. Fakers will never stick to this principle, which is also one of the biggest signs that they’re faking integrity.

They Won’t Admit Their Mistakes

Integrity fakers will never admit to doing something wrong. People with real integrity will always do it and will also apologize as it’s the right thing to do.

They’re Not Kind nor Honest

People with integrity are kind and honest above all. They will never talk behind your back, they will never be mean and will never hurt anyone. Fakers are neither honest or kind, which are two major differences between them and the former group of people.

They’re Not Reliable

One of the biggest differences between people with true integrity and those that are faking it is that they’re reliable. A person with integrity will always show up on time and never run their mouths when they need to keep a secret. On the other hand, fakers will spill secrets they’re supposed to keep and can never be counted on when you need them.