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Here’s the Truth About Overthinkers With Fragile Hearts


Society thinks that people who overthink things have powerful brains which help them bring rational decisions, but the reality is pretty different. As a matter of fact, it’s not a blessing – it’s more of a curse. People who overthink things usually have a hard time deciding at what restaurant to eat and you can imagine the pain and suffering they experience when it comes to bigger decisions. If they also have a kind, but fragile heart, the problem is even bigger.

Being an emotional overthinker with a fragile heart is about the worst possible combination and a fast-track lane to anxiety and depression. These people have an intense sense of self-doubt and guilt and struggle with minor and major choices in their life. Believe us – it’s nothing you’d want to experience.

Here are a few habits of emotional overthinkers:

They Are Obsessed with the Opinions of Others

These people take everything personally, even constructive criticism. Whenever someone comments on something you did positively, they doubt themselves and that’s where the problems start. If you’re an overthinker with a fragile heart, you need to understand that constructive criticism isn’t bad – in fact, it can help you improve yourself in many ways. Learn how to accept it and you’ll feel much better.

They Just Want to be Loved

People with a fragile heart want to be loved, respected, and feel needed. Their gentle and kind heart wouldn’t settle for fake emotions and you’re scared to death of being hurt. Overthinkers with a fragile heart are often introverts, as they’re too afraid to exit their shell and enjoy, just because there are people who can hurt them.

They Are Insomniacs

Here’s an interesting fact about overthinkers – their racing mind can’t settle down easily, so they often suffer from insomnia. The slew of irrational and perplexing thoughts in their minds doesn’t let them have a good night sleep, which can cause a lot of problems over time.

They Rarely Live in the Present

Living in the past is a common trait of emotional overthinkers. They are obsessing over decisions they’ve made in the past and it’s ruining their social life. The perplexing thoughts occupying their mind are preventing them from living in the present which is a problem they can’t seem to get rid of.

They Search for Hidden Messages in Everything

Emotional overthinkers are also suffering from a unique problem where they don’t see anything as random. There’s a hidden message behind every word or action when it comes to these people, which adds to the chaos in their mind. They just can’t take things easily as others and the constant deciphering can eventually drive them to madness.

They’re Used to Regret

Regret is a feeling these people are used to live with. Emotional overthinkers will never be satisfied with their decision and will go over a problem over and over again. Even when they do bring a decision, they will doubt that choice as well in a never-ending cycle that can drive them mad.

Emotional overthinkers can be too much for some people, but you have to understand that these people just have a lot on their mind. Give them the benefit of the doubt and try to ‘occupy’ their mind with more pleasant thoughts if you’re close to them – it will make them appreciate you more and they have been known to be great friends.