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Here’s What Happens When an Adult Explains Life to a Baby In Normal Words


Have you ever heard of Jason Silva? The internet celebrity has been called an idea DJ, performance philosopher, futurist, and whatnot else. Silva posts videos on his YouTube channel every day and has become a star in his own right. And, no, he doesn’t post stupid videos and makes money off it. He actually posts meaningful videos on how to overcome anxiety, depression, and other problems with ease, while also talking on other philosophical issues.

Not long ago, Silva posted something a bit different. While most of us talk to baby in a cute manner similar to the sounds they make all day long, Silva decided to explain the miracle of life to a child while talking like an adult. Yes, we know, it sounds crazy, but when you see the child’s reaction, you might want to reconsider your communication with your child.

Here are a few reasons why we should talk to our children like adults, not babies:

No One Likes Patronizing

As adults, we often get angry when someone’s explaining things to us like to a child, right? Well, children don’t like it as well, no matter how young they are. Of course, children need guidance from adults, but talking down to them won’t provide any results. Kids might not have the experience in life like adults, but they’re not less intelligent. So, drop the act and talk to them like adults – it will make sense pretty soon.

They Learn Language from Us

Children are like a sponge – they learn everything by observing the environment and us in it. Wonder how they know our language when they start talking? From us, of course. Children learn language from us – we just need to talk to them like we talk with adults instead of making funny and nonsensical sounds. Our brains absorb language from an early age, so the sooner you start talking normally to them, the better.

It’s Simply Easier for Them to Understand You

How can you expect children to understand you when you’re not even sure what you’re saying? If you talk to them like an adult should, they’ll understand you better and learn faster.

It Will Help Them Develop Problem-Solving Skills

Another benefit of talking to your kids like to adults is that it helps their brain develop problem-solving skills. Talking to them about what’s happening will help them figure out the connection between action and consequences, essentially improving their problem-solving skills.

Helps Them Practice General Conversation

As with everything else, practice makes perfect for language as well. Your children understand what you’re saying no matter what you think. Yes, even before they can talk. Try it on your kid – for example, tell them to show you how they stand up from the ground. You’d be surprised how much stuff they understand. The more you talk to them normally, the better they’ll understand how to have general conversations later in life.

It Makes Them Feel Bad

The fact that they’re not so able-bodied as adults and are merely observing the world without being able to act is frustrating for kids. If you talk to them like they’re less intelligent, the frustration goes deeper. Stop talking to them like that – talk to them like you talk to adults and you’ll soon see the benefits.

Video Source:Shots of Awe with JASON SILVA