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Here’s What to Expect When You Marry a Narcissist


Narcissists, as most of you surely know, are not like regular people. They are quite complex and difficult to connect to, as they care for no one but themselves. If you’re planning to marry a narcissist, you should know that you’re marrying a person incapable of truly loving others and a person who doesn’t know what a healthy relationship is. Make no mistake – narcissism is a personality disorder, so carefully review your decision before making the final step.

Narcissists don’t know what empathy is, nor do they care for your emotions and feelings. They won’t hurt you physically, but mentally, you’re in for a wild ride. A narcissist can break your heart a thousand times and leave you to pick up the pieces. Even if you think you can’t handle it, chances are you won’t be able to.

Here’s a list of things you can expect by marrying a narcissist:

  • Say Hi to double standards!
  • Your expectations will be lowered to breadcrumbs – you’ll be happy if your narcissistic partner isn’t yelling or cheating on you;
  • No matter how hard you fight, you’ll never win;
  • No, he won’t listen to you at all;
  • The terms will always be defined by him, not you;
  • There will be no cooperation or mutual decision making;
  • You mean nothing to him – there are strangers he values more;
  • Your relationship will be reduced to a neverending cycle of waiting, hoping, being hurt, angry, and forgiving him until it starts all over again;
  • Get ready for the silent treatment;
  • Yes, you will blame yourself at some point;
  • He will use your weaknesses to make you even weaker;
  • He will never answer questions directly;
  • You will be the one to blame for EVERY problem in your marriage;
  • You will be stuck in a limbo, unable of leaving him;
  • The entire experience will result in mental trauma that can be quite hard to shake off;
  • Couples counseling will never work and will backfire on you;
  • Instead of him, you will end up being seen as a lunatic;
  • He will never do his share of household chores;
  • You will always be his scapegoat;
  • He’ll dump his rage and shame on you.

Living with a narcissist is like living with Mr. Jekyll and Dr. Hyde. It will be a negative experience that will leave deep scars on your mind and soul and will even affect your physical appearance. Don’t do this to yourself – if your partner is a narcissist, it’s best to end the relationship before it grows into something more. It will be hard, but you’ll at least keep your mind in check.