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Here’s What Will Happen Once You Break-Up with A Narcissist


Having a narcissist for a partner can be a pretty tough experience. These people are masters of disguise, so you can never tell if they’re controlling all your moves before it’s too late. At that point, people get too attached to narcissists, which can leave deep scars on their mind and soul.

This is why it’s best to break up with a narcissist if you want to keep your mind intact. It will take serious effort and time will pass before you’re fully healed, and some may never recover. Narcissists are just too powerful for the fragile psyche of a woman and will make you feel like the worst person in the world.

That’s who they are a narcissist’s real face is the face of a demon. They will play with your emotions and destroy your self-worth until you’re nothing but a shell of your former self. Until you realize you have been destroyed, you will already lose even the small bit of dignity left in you. A narcissist will make you more vulnerable than ever and you’ll be too scared to open up to someone that cares ever again. After you’re done with them, you’ll have a hard time even smiling – that’s how dangerous they are.

During the healing process, many women build some kind of defense system that helps them cope. For example, they may start avoiding people altogether or even worse, they may start drinking to dull the pain. Soon enough, anxiety and depression may take over. After dating a narcissist, they will surely pay a visit. Anxiety and depression are side-effects of toxic relationships and that’s exactly what dating a narcissist is.

There’s Not Where The Story Ends

After you finally say goodbye to a narcissist, you may lose all hope and become a monster yourself. The road to recovery is hard and long and you’ll need a lot of support from those you love the most. You can be sure that you’ll need a lot of time and constant reassurance from your closest ones.

You’ll probably forget how it feels to be carefree and won’t be able to sleep. You’ll lose appetite and you’ll feel like you lost the person you cared the most in the world. Because you actually did, but they didn’t care enough to return the favor – they only saw you as their puppet.

After this, you’ll have a hard time believing in love ever again. You will lose faith in people and relationship and love will become an alien thing to you. After all, you’ve found it once, and it was a nightmare. How could one recover from that? You’ll start apologizing for everything, even for the things you don’t need to.

That’s Not A Surprise

you were blamed by a narcissist for everything going bad in their life. You’ll keep your feelings under a lock and won’t be able to open up your heart once again because you’re afraid that another heartbreak might be the end of you.

At this point, you’ll definitely need someone who fully understands what you’re going through. Someone that will support you and love you unconditionally. Find that person, be it a friend or a new partner. Make the effort to erase the narcissist for your life and fight like hell – you deserve the chance to be loved again.