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Here’s What You Need to Know About INFJs (No, They’re Not Aliens!)


INFJ – you’ve probably met this abbreviation somewhere, but have no idea what it means. What’s even more surprising is that it’s not a colloquial term for a saying nor an abbreviation for a rock band – it’s a personality type.

Yes, you read that right. INFJ is actually short for introversion, intuitive, feeling, and judging. This personality type is classified in the Myers-Briggs type indicator which lists all the types of personalities and is based on Carl Jung’s theories. The system can be broken down in 4 categories – introversion/extroversion; thinking/feeling; intuition/sensing; perceiving/judging.

If you take a personality type test and it turns out that you are INFJ, don’t worry – there’s nothing wrong with you. You may be a bit more sensitive than others, but you’re also unique. That should make you feel better about yourself.  If you suspect that someone close to you is INFJ, but you’re not sure.

Here are 10 characteristics that can confirm your suspicions:

They Analyze and Overthink Everything

People that fall in the INFJ category are notorious overthinkers. They tend to analyze everything everyone around them says, which keeps their mind occupied for days. Of course, it’s not something to brag about – overthinking can lead to serious mental problems if left untreated.

They Prefer to Write

Those classified as INFJ aren’t into talking – they prefer writing down their thoughts. Writing allows them to be creative, so if you know someone like this, don’t force them to talk when they can write to you.

They Like to Be Left Alone

INFJs don’t like going out with a crowd or spend their time with a big group of friends. They prefer to take a walk in the park alone or just watch a film in silence with a glass of wine. There’s nothing wrong or weird about it – it’s just how these people are wired.

Quality Over Quantity

INFJs are all or nothing people. They will never start doing anything if they don’t plan to invest themselves in it. They will give their absolute best and nothing less, and that’s why they’re so successful at work.

They’re Empaths

People that fall in the INFJ category are extra-sensitive and empathetic. They are generous and caring and want to help every single person on Earth, even if they know they can’t.

They Can Fit In

Although they are loners, INFJs can actually fit in nicely with any crowd. They will even use it to their own advantage, in a positive way of course.

They Select Their Friends Carefully

These people value their privacy and their close group of friends. They don’t want to have a large group of friends who they don’t respect. As a matter of fact, they choose their friends carefully as they’ll rather stay alone than hang out with a bad crowd.

They Want Nothing More Than the Truth

INFJs are fascinated by the Universe and all its mysteries. They usually love astronomy and have no problem spending the whole weekend just looking at the stars with a telescope. They aren’t interested in small talk or ordinary stuff – they consider it a waste of time. INFJs will rather spend their own time learning something new than meddle in someone’s affairs.

They Are Great Problem-Solvers

Need a problem solved? INFJs can help. These people are natural problem-solvers who will find a quick solution to anything that needs fixing with ease. You should always listen to them, as they have a unique ability to be right almost all of the time.

They Can Read People Like a Book

If we had to pick one of the “superpowers” INFJs have, we’d go for their ability to read people like an open book. They can identify liars and manipulators simply by looking at how they act and talk and will eliminate them from their life before things take a messy turn.