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Here’s What You Need to Know About People with a Guarded Heart


The frankest and kind-hearted people are usually the ones getting hurt the most. After a heartbreaking experience, they start guarding their heart like a treasure. Their sensitivity simply warrants protection, which is why they keep their heart under lock and key.

These people have opened their heart to the wrong people too many times and know what to expect. Their heart has been broken too many times for them to throw it out foolishly again. People with a guarded heart are not trusting of others, although if you get the honor of being a part of their life, you will see how beautiful they are.

Here are 15 things you need to know about people with a guarded heart:

1. They will love and nurture you like no one else, so don’t go breaking their heart again.

2. These people don’t believe in words – if you like to earn their trust, you need to back your words with actions.

3. They understand how powerful, yet dangerous love is.

4. Be gentle with them as they will flee at the first sign of aggression.

5. They know how to stay calm under pressure. How could they not, when they’ve experienced pressure and heartbreak so many times.

6. These people usually overanalyze things a bit too often and rarely talk about it.

7. They’re highly empathetic and more sensitive than the rest of us.

8. They need a lot of courage so they can show you their heart. Push them too soon, however, and they will forever erase you from their life.

9. These people don’t need you or anyone in their life. If they’ve let you inside, it’s because they want you there.

10. They will never share pieces of their soul, but that doesn’t mean they don’t love you as much as you love them.

11. If you think that expensive gifts or flowers can win a girl with a guarded heart, you’re wrong. They are more likely to see this as a suspicious act than be wooed by the offerings.

12. They never ask for help because they’re ashamed of it. If and when they do, you need to be kind to them.

13. These people live by their own code and make their own rules. They walk their path alone, so be grateful if they invite you for the ride.

14. People with a guarded heart don’t believe in second chances. If they do give you one by some chance, use it wisely.

15. Earning the trust of people with a guarded heart isn’t done overnight. If you want to succeed, you have to try your hardest.