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Here’s What You Need to Know About Strong and Sensitive People


Most people consider others either strong or sensitive, but a person can actually be both. If you’re one of these people, you’re living with a complex set of emotions and you’re just not built like the others. Most people are strong due to the difficulties in life they have experienced, but instead of building walls around them and not letting anyone inside anymore, they’ve decided to leave the barrier open. These people are both sensitive and strong and they’re not like the majority of the population.

Due to the unique set of emotions, these people are as rare as a unicorn, but unlike the mythical animal, they do exist. Although they’re pretty strong emotionally, it doesn’t mean life’s easier for them. In fact, they go through many daily struggles and it all takes a toll on their mind.

Here are some of the struggles strong and sensitive people experience every day:

They Have to Live with It Every Day

Living with such a complex set of emotions is not easy at all, and strong and sensitive people must do it every day. They analyze everything everyone around them says and does every day, and although they don’t seem to take it seriously, they lie awake at night thinking about it. This leaves them sleepless and beats them down hard the next day, both emotionally and physically.

They Laugh Things Off, But It Hurts on The Inside

Strong and sensitive people seem unbreakable – they seemingly don’t take anything seriously, laughing most of the time. What we don’t know about them is that they can get hurt and they process it a lot harder than the rest of us.

They Overanalyze Stuff

These people are living under constant stress and worry all the time. They don’t bring decisions lightly, especially when the choice affects those around them. This can be pretty hard on their mind and makes them suffer a lot.

No One Notices When They Are Upset

If strong and sensitive people are masters at anything, it’s in their ability to mask their worries. Others can rarely notice how hurt or worried about something they are – they just take anything with a laugh and seem cheerful. However, as soon as they get home, the constant stress and worry take their toll.

Most People Annoy Them

Coworkers, friends, and even family – most people annoy the hell out of strong and sensitive people. This might make them be a bit harsh at times, but they’re not bad people at all – they just can’t take it sometimes.

Complicated Is a Mild Word to Describe Them

Saying that strong and sensitive people are complicated is an understatement. They are at a whole new level of complexity and are pretty hard to understand. However, they are great people, certainly better than the rest of us. They have a lot of love to give and will support you when you need a shoulder to cry on.

They Only Have a Few Real Friends

Strong and sensitive people will not let just about anyone in their life. When it comes to friendships and relationships, they have a pretty good idea of what they’re looking for. They only value people who are worthy of their love and energy and will let them inside only when they completely trust them.