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Here’s What You Should Know About Bookworms


Many people hate bookworms just because they’re nose-deep into books and seemingly care about nothing else. Bookworms are considered the worst kind of nerds without an apparent reason – just because they love literature doesn’t make them any different than the others. Yeah, they may be shy, but is that really reason enough to hate them?

Bookworms are actually very special people once you get to know them.

Here’s what you need to know about them if you’re planning on getting close with a bookworm:

They’re Easy to Buy Gifts For

Bookworms are probably the easiest people to buy gifts for – just go to a bookstore and pick a book if you want to surprise them. Of course, you’ll have to know their favorite genre, but hey – it beats picking a perfume.

They Don’t Like Gossipping

Aside from bookworms, we all love to gossip. They don’t really care about who said what and don’t want to hear rumors about celebrities. It’s just how they were built and they’re probably better off without that.

They’re Not Clingy

Bookworms are not clingy at all – in fact, they need some alone time every day. They know when they need to be sweet, but you’ll also need to know when to stay silent if you live with one.

They Can Stay Up Late

Bookworms will usually stay up late reading their fave books, so they can be fun company if you’re not in the mood for sleeping.

They Don’t Need Much to Have a Good Time

The good thing about bookworms is that they don’t need anything special to have a good time. Even if you leave them alone at home, they will still find ways to entertain themselves – they have their trust books for company.

They’re Dreamers Who’ll Support Your Hopes and Dreams

If you want a partner who will support your crazy ideas, you might want to get together with a bookworm. No matter how crazy the idea sounds, they will be all for it and having that kind of support really matters.

They Can Talk on Any Topic

Music, TV, Hollywood, books (of course), politics, and sport – no matter what you want to talk about, you can bet that bookworms will have something to say about it.

They Know What They’re Talking About

Thanks to their experience with books, bookworms know better than to talk about something they haven’t studied well. They do have knowledge of things you couldn’t even imagine, which makes them quite unique.