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Here’s Why Men Fall in Love with Women


Have you ever wondered what men find so attractive about women? Is it their physical appearance? Is it their mind? What’s the ideal type of woman according to men? There have been a number of theories, but none of them has come to a concrete conclusion. In general, most people think that men don’t fall in love with women the way women fall in love with men, but this isn’t true.

According to relationship expert Bobbi Palmer, men fall in love when they feel understood, appreciated and when they’re happy. Of course, they will fall in love with you when you think you’re hot. Both men and women share the same emotions, but men fall in love with women in a unique way. Fortunately, experts have been able to identify the key reasons why men fall in love with women.

Here are the key factors:

He Loves the Whole Package

Sometimes, men love the whole package in a woman. They are fascinated by the looks, mind, personality, charm, laughter, and all the other traits that make women attractive. Grant Langston, eHarmony CEO, says that men fall in love with a woman when their feelings toward her hit a climax. “When a man spends time with her and sees she’s funny, loyal, affectionate, sexy, and positive overall, these feelings build up until they ‘explode’ and he realizes he’s in love. He doesn’t even know why, but when he sees her, his eyes light up!”

Men rarely fall in love in the individual parts of a woman before they fall in love with the whole package. Once they do, however, it’s like they’re bewitched.

She’s Open to Love

Don’t believe anyone who says playing hard to get is the key to his heart and soul. Men fall in love with women who are open to love. They like women who are mature enough to know what they want from men and love in general. If you’re comfortable enough to be emotionally open to someone, you’re falling in love. As humans, we need to feel connected to someone before we let them look into our soul. We feel love only when we take our masks off.

This means the media is wrong – don’t play hard to get, just allow love to happen and you’ll surely find your soulmate.

He Thinks He Can Make Her Happy

Men adore women who they can make happy. When a man falls in love with a woman, he does so only if he’s sure he can bond with her. Once they do bond, they form a connection that is quite powerful and unbreakable. When a man feels like he can make her happy, they believe they can make them happy as well.

He Loves the Way He Feels Around Her

Sometimes, men fall in love simply because they love the way they feel around the woman they’ve chosen. He feels happy, love, and warm around her, which makes him lose his mind. If he feels accepted and she validates his emotions, he’s ready to fall in love. Men just like to feel loved the way women do, and they easily fall in love with this type of women.

He Feels Her Passion and Purpose

Men often fall in love with women who they feel are passionate and live their life with a purpose. The more passionate she is, the more he’ll fall in love with her. This is a huge factor when it comes to why men fall in love with women.

Men’s emotions have always been a mystery, but when it comes to what makes them fall in love with women, we hope this article has clarified things and will help you learn more about what makes men ‘tick’.