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Here’s Why Narcissists Are Simply Unable to Love


Narcissists are masters of disguise – they have many faces and will pretend to be the partner of your dreams. Many people who are in a relationship with a narcissist have wondered if they were ever loved. The answer is quite complex – although narcissists are emotionless, they are actually torn between love and pain and can show love on some occasions. However, they are more likely to push their partner away and mentally destroy them than to support and love them.

It’s quite confusing to be in love with a narcissist. One day, they can be the partner you fell in love with. The next day, they could be a monster that will eat your soul. They may never hit you and hurt you physically, but you can damn well expect them to hurt you emotionally.

Narcissist claim they love their partners and family, and as we mentioned, they can show a bit of love here and there. However, they are ultimately unable to love and can hardly remain in love for a long time because they lack empathy and a whole range of other emotions. Narcissists have something to gain from every relationship – they usually enter a relationship just because they need something from the person they’re together with. They will manipulate their way to love because they need admiration in order to subdue the pain and hatred they feel inside.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking narcissists can love. These people don’t have emotions and are unable to love with their whole heart. They are monsters who will ruin your whole life because they never care for anyone other than themselves.

If you need further proof, here are a few sad truths that narcissists don’t know what love is:

They Live to Manipulate

Narcissists are all about being in the driver’s seat – they will use any weapon in their arsenal to control people and fulfill their selfish desires. They will manipulate their partner and control their every move so they can serve their purpose. They are like an evil dark and you’re the tiny minion doing all of their work.

They Hate Imperfection

Narcissists consider themselves perfect people and think that everyone should be like them. They hate their partner’s imperfections and will do anything to get them fixed. Living up to a narcissist’s expectations is a difficult task, however, so their partners are usually insulted and hurt.

They Don’t Like Partners Who Are Better Than Them

These people don’t like to be surrounded by people who are better than them in every way. They need to control others, not see them do things better than they can. When outdone by others, narcissists can get very angry and can let all hell break loose on their partner.

Nothing Is Ever Good Enough for Them

When it comes to narcissists, nothing is good enough. They always want more, even if there’s no room for improvement. When these people decide that something or someone is not good for them, they will shift their attention to new goals.

It’s really difficult to keep a narcissist’s interest up for a long time. They don’t bring final decisions and are never satisfied with anything. No matter how hard you try to satisfy them, you can be sure they’ll find something to complain.

Even though they can show flashes of love, narcissists usually make their partners a victim. If you’re in love with one, it’s better to get out of the relationship before you’re ruined forever. Breaking up with a narcissist will be hard and will definitely leave deep emotional scars, but it’s something that needs to be done if you want to stay whole.