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Here’s Why Strong People Aren’t Ashamed of Crying


Crying is always seen as a sign of weak people, but it’s actually the opposite. Crying doesn’t make you weak – it only makes us human. It’s a sad, but pure emotion that is not a trait of weak people, but strong ones.

Here are a few reasons why strong people are not ashamed to cry:

They Aren’t Scared of Criticism

Crying is seen as a display of vulnerability, and to be honest, being vulnerable in front of others takes guts. It also takes a lot of self-esteem and self-knowledge. Choosing to let the world know you’re hurt will open the doors to criticism, pity, and scorn, but strong people don’t mind it. These people display a sense of humanity and strength not see in others, and we should applaud them for it.

They Care for Their Own Well-Being

Whenever we cry, we just feel better. Crying eliminates anxiety and stress and can even lower blood pressure and destroy toxins in our body. According to health experts, crying relieves the levels of manganese in our blood which has been proven to affect our mood in a negative way. Instead of bottling up emotions inside of you, you should let go of them. In this way, you’ll release all your emotional, mental, and physical burden.

They Want to Liberate Those Around Them

When strong people cry, they liberate those around them. They make it OK for the rest of the world to cry, and with every tear they shed, they reduce the society’s stigma of crying and releasing emotions. Many people were raised to see crying as a sign of weakness when it’s the exact opposite. Seeing a strong person crying is a powerful experience and by allowing yourself to let go of bottled up emotions, you will grow as a person.

They Have the Courage to Confront Their Emotions

Many people are afraid to confront their emotions. They know that it hurts, so they prefer to avoid confronting their emotions. However, wise people know that there’s no way to outrun emotions. If you turn their back on them, emotions will grow stronger. Confronting them takes a lot of guts and courage, and strong people have a lot of both.

As you can see, letting tears roll down your face is not a sign of weakness, but of strength. Whenever you feel the need to cry, do so freely. It’s what makes you human and strong, so don’t let society’s understanding of it ruin your feelings.