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Here’s Why Strong Women Prefer Being Alone to Wasting Time with Idiots


Dating is like those intriguing board games– it can be fun, but it’s also hard to understand. Instead of dating, most people would love to simply jump into a relationship directly, but it doesn’t work that way. As dating is similar to games, it does pay off to have at least some kind of strategy when playing it.

For example, not wasting time with idiots is a great strategy. Many girls are stuck in bad relationships with morons who are ruining their lives and they aren’t even aware of it. Even worse, most of the single guys you’ll meet in the club over the weekend are a**holes who are only looking for a one-night stand instead of a meaningful relationship, which is why many girls prefer staying single.

In fact, those who choose to stay single are actually the strongest women. Spending quality time with yourself and recharging your batteries over the weekend is much better than dating an idiot who will hurt you just when you least expect it. With the state of society today, the guys you’ll meet over the weekend will most likely be losers or dicks.

And, while we don’t suggest locking yourself in your apartment and never going out again, not wasting time with idiots until the right opportunity comes is a sound strategy. One-night stands were fun when you were a teenager, but are too predictable when you get older. Single women who have gone out of their teens can recognize a booty call from a mile away. They’re just not interested in it, and they’re right to do so.

Of course, playing the field every once in a while can be fun. Sitting a few rounds out is even better – it will save you a lot of disappointment and allow you to spend some much needed time with yourself. You shouldn’t be completely closed to the possibility of a relationship, but it shouldn’t be your only goal in life.

Mr. Right may surface while you’re at work or you may meet him on the street. On the other hand, you’re not very likely to meet him at a club on Friday night will all the idiots prowling, so maybe skip this weekend and rest for the week ahead. There’s always plenty of fish in the sea and we have no doubt you’ll find the right person when the time comes. In the meantime, don’t waste your precious time on morons who don’t deserve you.