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Here’s Why the Strongest Women Are Broken on the Inside


Strong women look unbreakable – it seems like they can take anything and just keep their smile on their face. Heartbreaks, dysfunctional relationships, mistakes, and disappointments – they experience it all, and still, they just don’t seem to really care.

They will always cheer you up and brighten up your day. It seems they carry an incredible amount of love they can spread across the world. They look like they don’t have a single care on their mind and are powerful and strong. However, things are not what they seem – strong women are only strong on the outside. Inside, their heart is often broken to pieces, although that’s a side others aren’t allowed to see. All the heartbreaks they’ve been through have taken their toll, and even though their smile radiates miles, they are crying on the inside.

Almost no one could endure the pain these women have endured. They’ll never show it, of course, as they don’t like showing their disadvantages. They’ll be there to lift your spirits up, supporting you in need while they swallow their tears away until they find a time to let the pain flow.

Whenever the going gets tough, they deal with it themselves. They prefer to suffer in silence and don’t want any support. They’re too afraid of showing their vulnerabilities and soul to the world and their smile covers it all up. Instead of screaming their lungs out when they need to console others, they choose to listen and offer advice – this is what makes strong women so valuable.

As soon as they come home and they’re alone, all their insecurities and demons come out to the surface. They hate the melancholic midnight hours because that’s when the demons come out to feed. They chip away at their soul and although these women seem indestructible, they can barely hold their tears in. They’re struggling just like all of us, but they’ve learned that worrying and crying doesn’t really help. Instead, they’ve chosen to stay strong which helps them survive the cruelty of this world. Strong women should really be an example we should all follow.