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Here’s Why We Tend To Hate People As We Grow Older


When we’re young, most of us have a large group of friends we love to hang out with. However, as our life starts taking shape after the coming of age, it’s pretty common for this group to reduce in size. If we’re really being honest, we start hating people as soon as we become adults and fewer friends than before.

Why does this happen?

Well, as time passes by, people start showing their true colors. They either hurt you or break your heart to pieces or simply disappoint you in ways you couldn’t have imagined. Some people break our trust when we least expect it, leaving us broken inside. Losing your friends is surely hard, but after a while, you start to realize that not having friends at all is not that bad. With every passing year, the desire to meet new people and suffering a heartbreak again eventually goes away.

As we grow older, we simply can’t tolerate things like before. When we’re young, we do many self-destructive things to make new friends, leading to bad and toxic friendships. We’re less inclined to this behavior as we grow older – if anyone doesn’t want to put in the work and make the friendship last, then maybe we’re better off without them.

Trust is another factor which makes you hate people more as you get older. When we’re young we believe every one of our friends is a true champion of trust. However, as every year passes by, you start realizing that the truth is much different. You will eventually see people for who they really are – some experiences can be painful, but they’re eye-openers that will make you grow stronger.

Over time, you realize that the only person you can depend on and trust is yourself. Once you realize this, your path of self-ruin stops. You will eventually get to the point of seeing through illusions which will wake you up and help you see people for who they really are. You will stop doing things that please others and enjoy things that please you.

Most of your friendships will evaporate over time – it’s a natural process of aging you can’t escape from. It’s for the best – you need to stop letting people use you as a doormat and dump you when they want to. Doing idiotic things just to be part of a group won’t make you popular – it will only ruin your life. Plus, if they’re true friends, why would you do dumb stuff just to stay on their friend list? Don’t be silly – people are not always who they appear to be and as you grow older, you’ll start realizing that’s the truth.

Instead of feeling bad about losing your friends, spend that time to improve yourself. Your friends will leave you sooner or later, and you’ll only have yourself to rely on. The sooner you realize that even pets can be more mature than some of the people you’ve been hanging out with, the better.