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Here’s Why We’re So Attracted to Introverts


Are you an introvert or an extrovert? Introverts are getting increasingly more common in today’s society – while some ‘sit’ in the middle of the introversion-extroversion spectrum, others are perceived as hardcore introverts who find it hard to make friends. That doesn’t mean that no one likes them, of course – in fact, many people are drawn to hardcore introverts just because there’s something so damn exciting and attractive in them.

Introverts are not at all strange, weird or whatever you consider them. They’re beautiful people on the inside who just prefer staying at home rather than being in a crowd.

They are just as attractive, if not even more attractive than extroverts, and here are a few reasons why it like that:

They’re Mysterious

Due to the fact that introverts don’t need anyone’s approval and they don’t feel the need to hang out with people, they won’t share personal stuff they aren’t ready to share with you at the moment. Right now, you’re probably thinking that they’re playing hard to get, except for the fact that they aren’t – they’re just built like that. The fact that they don’t like sharing information with others makes them a bit mysterious and irresistible as well.

They Are Great Listeners

Everyone wants to be heard, but the fact is that not many people know how to listen. Finding a partner or friend who knows how to listen is hard unless your friend is an introvert. Introverts are notoriously great listeners and will even give you great advices you should definitely take into consideration. They never want to be the center of attention, which makes them great listeners.

They Delay Gratification

Introverts are unintentionally delaying gratification. They will make you wait for their affection, playing hard to get without trying. Once you settle down with an introvert, though, the gratification will come, and you’ll soon realize you’ve found the perfect partner.

They’re Loyal

Loyalty is hard to find these days, especially when it comes to partners. If your partner is an introvert, however, you can be sure you’ve found a perfectly loyal partner for life. These people just don’t need a great network of friends – they have a close group of friends which they trust and share a deep connection with. This makes them fiercely loyal, which is just what most people are looking for.

They Make Great Choices

If you have an introvert partner or friend, you know that they never rush when making decisions. They are great listeners and observe everything around them closely, meaning they have a lot of information on their mind. According to science, though, it’s not something they do on purpose – it’s just how their brain is wired.

According to a 2012 study, introverts have thicker grey matter in the pre-frontal cortex, which is responsible for making decisions and abstract thoughts. Due to this, they don’t make decisions lightly and are very careful when they need to make a choice.

They Are Powerful Empaths

Introverts are much more empathetic than extroverts. Thanks to their great listening and observational skills, they process emotions deeply, which makes them powerful empaths. Their sensitivity was proven in scientific studies – when scientists applied a few lemon drops on the tongues of both introverts and extroverts, the former salivated more. This is related to the activity of the RAS system (Reticular Activating System), which is triggered by social stimuli. This shows that introverts are much more sensitive than others and are rightfully considered empaths.