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Here’s Why Women Who Choose to Stay Single Are Happier Than the Rest


Contrary to popular belief, women who have been single for a long period are not unhappy at all. As a matter of fact, if you talk with these women, you’ll find a level of content and happiness you won’t find in people who are in a relationship. They have a unique way of looking at the lack of long-term commitment and have a sense of comfort you won’t see in women who are in a romantic relationship. Experts haven’t been able to detect what makes their emotional freedom so unique and what gives them such sense of comfort, but there are many possibilities.

According to some experts, women who have been single their whole life just don’t feel natural in a relationship. They are just too comfortable in being single, so everything else doesn’t feel natural to them. Maybe they were in a relationship, but the whole experience was so one-sided that they felt alone even when they were together with their partners. Or maybe they’ve just decided to take a break from love after a few failed adventures.

No matter what the reason is, women who remain single for a long time are usually happier than the rest of us. What’s astonishing isn’t the fact that they are content with themselves – it’s that they are content with the lack of intimacy. These women choose to live in the moment and are comfortable with solitude like no one else. They don’t like to share their accomplishments with others and are perfectly fine without sharing moments with others as well. It may look awkward to you, but they live in their own world based on emotional freedom.

The lack of a partner allows these women to pursue their career goals and realize their hopes and dreams without weight on their back. Yeah, it sounds and it is selfish, but they don’t see it like that. By sacrificing the emotional and physical restraints of a relationship, these women are truly free to be their own.  They know that there are different types of love that feel just as good as love in a romantic relationship and they embrace them.

Rather than chasing guys, these women chase their dreams. They don’t hate the fact that they’re single – they embrace it. Of course, they won’t pass on a romantic relationship if they find a partner who’s worth it, but until then, they plan to enjoy life on their own.

These women have a clear image of the partner they need. Instead of drifting without a goal, they are looking for partners who will support them and conquer the world together with them. They will only choose competent partners who will celebrate their success and support them when they fail. All in all, they are looking for a partner who can sacrifice as much as they do.

Women who prefer to stay single instead of chasing after guys have a sense of self-contentment that makes the pursuit of their dreams with their partner a luxury, not a necessity. They have a high set of standards for their strength, compassion, and self-worth and they know what happiness is in its purest form – it’s being free from emotional constraints.